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118 min
Biography | Drama
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Bill Condon
Nominated for Oscar. Another 19 wins & 40 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-01-13
Filming Locations: Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA
Budget: $11,000,000
Opening Weekend: $169,038 (USA) (14 November 2004)
Gross: $10,214,647 (USA) (27 March 2005)
Liam Neeson
Alfred Kinsey
Laura Linney
Clara McMillen
Chris O'Donnell
Wardell Pomeroy
Peter Sarsgaard
Clyde Martin
Timothy Hutton
Paul Gebhard
John Lithgow
Alfred Seguine Kinsey
Tim Curry
Thurman Rice
Dylan Baker
Alan Gregg
Julianne Nicholson
Alice Martin
William Sadler
Kenneth Braun
John McMartin
Huntington Hartford
Veronica Cartwright
Sara Kinsey
Kathleen Chalfant
Barbara Merkle
Heather Goldenhersh
Martha Pomeroy
Dagmara Dominczyk
Agnes Gebhard
Harley Cross
Young Man in Gay Bar
Susan Blommaert
Staff Secretary
Benjamin Walker
Kinsey at 19
Matthew Fahey
Kinsey at 14
Will Denton
Kinsey at 10
John Krasinski
Arden Myrin
Romulus Linney
Rep B. Carroll Reece
Katharine Houghton
Mrs. Spaulding
David Harbour
Robert Kinsey
Judith J.K. Polson
Mildred Kinsey
Leigh Spofford
Anne Kinsey
Jenna Gavigan
Joan Kinsey
Luke Macfarlane
Bruce Kinsey (as Luke MacFarlane)
Mike Thurstlic
Kenneth Hand
Jarlath Conroy
Bill Buell
Dr. Thomas Lattimore
Michelle Federer
Gall Wasp Class Coed (as Michele Federer)
Alvin Keith
Black Student
Maryellen Owens
Female Assistant Professor
Roderick Hill
Clerical Worker
Peg Small
Retired Teacher
Don Sparks
Middle-aged Businessman
Joe Zaloom
Kate Reinders
Female Student #1
Mara Hobel
Female Student #2
Lindsay Schmidt
Female Student #3
Jason Patrick Sands
Male Student #1
Marcel Simoneau
Male Student #2
Bobby Steggert
Male Student #3
Johnny Pruitt
Male Student #4
John Epperson
Effete Man in Gay Bar
Jefferson Mays
Effete Man's Friend
Mark Mineart
Slavic Man
Martin Murphy
Kate Jennings Grant
Marjorie Hartford
Barry Del Sherman
IU Reporter #1
Fred Burrell
IU Reporter #2
Michael Arkin
NYC Reporter #1
Dan Ziskie
NYC Reporter #2 (as Daniel Ziskie)
Tuck Milligan
NYC Reporter #3
Edwin McDonough
Mr. Morrissey
John Ellison Conlee
Bookstore Clerk
Arthur French
Chandler Williams
Prison Inmate
Jaime Roman Tirelli
Hispanic Man
Draper Shreeve
Ballet Teacher
Philip Kushner
Bellhop (as Phillip Kushner)
Joseph Badalucco Jr.
Radio Repairman (as Joe Badalucco)
Henrietta Mantooth
Doris Smith
Old Woman
Male Impersonator
Pascale Armand
Young Black Woman
Sean Skelton
Staff Photographer
Steven Edward Hart
Clifford David
Professor Smithson
Randy Redd
Lynn Redgrave
Final Interview Subject
Beth Adubato
40s Housewife (uncredited)
Mike Bash
Student (uncredited)
Maria Bianco
College Student (uncredited)
David E. Fischer
Interview Student (uncredited)
Brute Force
Himself (uncredited)
Christy Lee Hughes
Interview Subject (uncredited)
Deric McNish
Sex-Ed Student (uncredited)
Kevin Kean Murphy
Interview Subject (uncredited)
Katherine O'Sullivan
Woman Leaving Lecture (uncredited)
Amber Paul
Fiance of Clyde Martin (uncredited)
Dina Plotch
Student (uncredited)
Richard Preshong
University Guide (uncredited)
Cameron Stevens
Student (uncredited)
Alex Wraith
Patient (uncredited)
Did you know?
In the script, Peter Sarsgaard did not have to strip in the motel scene.
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The 37-day shoot had to cover the scope of Dr. Alfred Kinsey's 15 years of research, during which he interviewed 18,000 people across the US.
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This film features Brute Force (Stephen Friedland) uncredited in the background, and just like George Harrison in Life of Brian (1979) he is in there with champagne glass.
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The Boy Scouts (Kinsey and his friend) are wearing the World Crest emblem which did not exist in the late teens when this scene supposedly took place.
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During the credits, the producers thank the "University of Indiana" when it is actually "Indiana University" of which Alfred Kinsey was a part. The university notified director Bill Condon of the mistake. Condon gave his word that it would be taken care of when the film went on general release, but the mistake remains.
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The chronology of the film suggests that the publication of a "new book" by Alfred Kinsey, The Origin of Higher Categories in Cynips, the appointment of Herman Wells as the president of Indiana University, and the showing of the "hygiene" film Know for Sure all occurred within a relatively short period of time. However, Kinsey published the book in question in 1935, Wells was not appointed as president until 1937 (interim) or 1938, and the film was not released until 1941.
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Wardell Pomeroy: How old were you when you first engaged in sexual activity with a partner?
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Clyde Martin: Just one more question. You've just told me your entire history: childhood, family, career, every person you've ever had sex with. But there hasn't been a single mention of love.
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Effete Man in Gay Bar: [referring to Kinsey] Mary here says he's from the University of Indiana and she'd like to interview me about my "sex history".
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