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Kiss the Girls

115 min
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Gary Fleder
5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1997-10-03
Filming Locations: McClure Tunnel, Santa Monica, California, USA
Budget: $27,000,000
Opening Weekend: $13,215,167 (USA) (5 October 1997)
Gross: $60,491,560 (USA) (22 February 1998)
Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari
Kiss the Girls
Morgan Freeman
Dr. Alex Cross
Ashley Judd
Dr. Kate McTiernan
Cary Elwes
Det. Nick Ruskin
Alex McArthur
Det. Davey Sikes
Tony Goldwyn
Dr. William 'Will' Rudolph
Jay O. Sanders
Agent Kyle Craig
Bill Nunn
Det. John Sampson
Brian Cox
Chief Hatfield, Durham P.D.
Richard T. Jones
Seth Samuel
Roma Maffia
Dr. Ruocco
Jeremy Piven
Henry Castillo, LAPD
Gina Ravera
Naomi Cross
William Converse-Roberts
Dr. Wick Sachs
Helen Martin
Nana Cross
Tatyana Ali
Janell Cross (as Tatyana M. Ali)
Heidi Schanz
Megan Murphy
Rick Warner
Sgt. Willard
Billy Blanks
Kickboxing Instructor
Dianna Miranda
Mary Major
TV Reporter
Melinda Renna
TV Reporter
Angel Harper
Alan Wilder
Dan Cashman
Patrick Thomas O'Brien
Reporter (as Patrick T. O'Brien)
Brenda Kincaid
Lonnie McCullough
Larry Cedar
Tresha Rodriguez
Caroline Case
Loanne Bishop
Kate's Nurse
Tim Ahern
LAPD Sergeant
W. Earl Brown
Brian Brophy
Swim Team Manager
Michael Cutt
FBI Agent at Hospital (as Michael J. Cutt)
Meta Golding
Beautiful Girl
Sadie Stratton
Beautiful Girl (as Sadie Kratzig)
Brandi Andres
Beautiful Girl
Dana Seltzer
Beautiful Girl (as Dana Atwood)
Justina Vail
Beautiful Girl
Nichole McAuley
Beautiful Girl
Tricia Vessey
Woman at Nepenthe Bar
John Cothran
FBI Agent at Lair (as John Cothran Jr.)
Robert Peters
FBI Agent on Robe
Jill Callahan
Female Reporter in Durham
Nancy Yee
Chinese Grandmother
Christina Ma
Chinese Mother
David Cowgill
Chief Resident
Weston Blakesley
Joe Inscoe
Large Cop
Deborah Strang
Dianne Wainford
Robert Overmyer
Competitive Swimmer
Boise Holmes
Basketball Player
Anthony Backman
Competitive Swimmer (uncredited)
Tony Donno
Eathen, Kickboxer (uncredited)
Anna Maria Horsford
Vickie Cross (uncredited)
Jack Kyle
Competitive Swimmer (uncredited)
Tracey Walter
Clerk in Bookstore (uncredited)
Did you know?
The overhead shot of a football stadium that many may think of as Durham, North Carolina is actually Chapel Hill, NC. The football stadium you see is Kenan Stadium, home of The University of North Carolina Tar Heels. What makes this even more recognizable is just North of the stadium is the famed Bell Tower and Wilson Library dome. The next shot you see is the Duke Chapel Tower on the campus of Duke University in Durham.
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The TV series MythBusters (2003) proved that it is nearly impossible for the muzzle flash of a gun to cause a room full of natural gas to explode.
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Cross is seen training boxers at the start of the movie. Morgan Freeman would train boxers on film again years later in Million Dollar Baby (2004), the role that netted him an Oscar.
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Towards the end of the movie, when Alex enters Casanova's lair and runs after him he accidentally steps on brittle floor and falls into water, yet shortly later in the scene as he chases Casanova, his clothes appear completely dry.
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While Kate is performing surgery, the earpiece of her protective glasses is seen on the outside of her surgical cap. In the next shot, the earpiece is tucked under the cap.
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When Kate uses Det. Ruskin's own handcuffs on him when she handcuffs him to the stove, why wouldn't he use the key that a Detective would have if he is carrying handcuffs?
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Dr. William 'Will' Rudolph: [to Casanova] Don't forget who we are, and who you'll be if I'm gone. You could have a hundred women down here, but without me, you'd still be alone.
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Detective Nick Ruskin: How are you feeling, by the way? You feel like you're getting back on your feet?
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Casanova: Face it Will, I'm your mentor. And you're the bad seed.
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Mena Suvari