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Ladies of Leisure

99 min
Drama | Romance
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Frank Capra
Country: USA
Release Date: 1930-04-05
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
Ladies of Leisure
Ralph Graves
Jerry Strong
Lowell Sherman
Bill Standish
Marie Prevost
Dot Lamar
Nance O'Neil
Mrs. Strong
George Fawcett
John Strong
Juliette Compton
Claire Collins
Johnnie Walker
Willie Best
George - the Elevator Operator (uncredited)
Charles Butterworth
Party Guest (uncredited)
Jay Eaton
Party Guest on Balcony (uncredited)
Edith Ellison
Jerry's Housekeeper (uncredited)
Harry Strang
Ship's Officer
Did you know?
Several sources list Graves' character name incorrectly as "Jerry Strange". (Perhaps his name was spelled thus in the silent version?) But in the soundtrack of the talkie version, spoken dialog clearly identifies his surname as "Strong", including the crucial phone call (trying to save the heroine's life), in which he says, "I'm Jerry Strong."
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Frank Capra wrote the first draft of Ladies of Leisure, before Jo Swerling took over. According to his interview "I went to my hotel, locked myself in my room and for five days pounded out a rewrite story of the plot I'd heard, interrupting the writing only long enough for black coffee, sandwiches and brief snitches of sleep. I was simply writing a newspaper yarn with a longer deadline than usual. The result was Ladies of Leisure."
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The play "Ladies of the Evening" by Milton Herbert Gropper opened at the Lyceum Theatre in New York on 23 December 1924 and closed in May 1925 after 159 performances. The opening night cast included Beth Merrill as "Kay," and James Kirkwood as "Jerry Strong." The play was produced by David Belasco
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Although the onscreen credits state "Adapted from A David Belasco-Milton Herbert Gropper stage play," only Gropper was the author of the play; Belasco produced it.
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Kay Arnold: Hey, what kind of a sap is that guy?
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Jerry Strong: I'm over 18 years old, you know.
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Kay Arnold: When a dress costs over a hundred bucks, it's a frock!
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Barbara Stanwyck