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Ladies They Talk About

69 min
Crime | Drama | Romance
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Howard Bretherton
Country: USA
Release Date: 1933-02-04
Filming Locations: Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
Ladies They Talk About
Preston Foster
David Slade (as Preston S. Foster)
Lyle Talbot
Dorothy Burgess
Lillian Roth
Maude Eburne
Aunt Maggie
Ruth Donnelly
Harold Huber
Robert McWade
District Attorney
Jack Baxley
Attendee at Revival Meeting - Seated Next to David (uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley
Attendee at Revival Meeting (uncredited)
Louise Carter
Lefty's Landlady (uncredited)
Davison Clark
Jail Chief (uncredited)
Grace Cunard
Prisoner Marie (uncredited)
Cecil Cunningham
Mrs. Arlington (uncredited)
Helen Dickson
Matron with Cigar (uncredited)
Louise Emmons
Prisoner Jessie Jones (uncredited)
Mary Gordon
Prisoner in Visiting Room (uncredited)
Harry Gribbon
Bank Guard (uncredited)
Harold Healy
Gangster Dutch (uncredited)
John Hyams
Bank Manager (uncredited)
DeWitt Jennings
Detective Tracy (uncredited)
William Keighley
Man Getting a Shoeshine (uncredited)
Helen Mann
Prisoner Blondie (uncredited)
Tom McGuire
Mr. Farnum at Revival Meeting (uncredited)
Harold Minjir
Bank Teller (uncredited)
Etta Moten
Singing Inmate (voice) (uncredited)
Madame Sul-Te-Wan
Prisoner Mustard (uncredited)
Ferris Taylor
Reformer on Stage at Radio Broadcast (uncredited)
Ray Turner
Bank Janitor (uncredited)
Helen Ware
Mrs. Johnson - Head Matron (uncredited)
Robert Warwick
Warden (uncredited)
Isabel Withers
Prisoner (uncredited)
Did you know?
Film has some rather blatant and oddball plugs for Warner Brothers stars. In several scenes photos of Joe E. Brown (whom Lillian Roth sings to) and Dick Powell are seen in the women's cells.
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The play had a production in Los Angeles, California, USA, with co-author Dorothy Mackaye in the lead.
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Bernhard Kaun composed original music for the trailer.
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While she waits for her co-conspirators to break through the wall in her cell, Nan is shown starting the gramophone twice.
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District Attorney: You're wasting that panorama on me, Nan. Save it for Dave Slade.
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Susie: Say, there isn't any punishment bad enough for you!
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Mustard: I'm not 'fraid of nobody in this jail. I'm doin' life and that's all I got.
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Barbara Stanwyck
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