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Lake Dead

90 min
Horror | Thriller
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George Bessudo
Country: USA
Release Date: 2008-07-11
Filming Locations: Sable Ranch - 25933 Sand Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, California, USA
Alex A. Quinn
Bill Welsh (as Alex Quinn)
Kelsey Crane
Brielle Lake
James Devoti
Ben Graham (as Jim Devoti)
Kelsey Wedeen
Kelly Lake
Tara Gerard
Samantha Lake
James C. Burns
Sheriff Chuck Lake
Pat McNeely
Gloria Lake
Edwin Craig
Willard Lake / Grandpa
Christian Stokes
Abel Lake
Trevor Torseth
Kane Lake
Dan Woods
John Lake
Malea Rose
Tanya Holt (as Malea Richardson)
Kenn Woodard
Lydia Hyslop
Doomed Teenager #1
Ryan Coughlin
Doomed Teenager #2
Cyrus Alexander
Doomed Teenager #3
Carmen Thompson
Doomed Teenager #4
Jason Hice
Funeral Attendee
Steven Schneider
Funeral Attendee
Daniel P. Coughlin
Funeral Attendee
Amy Buchanan
Funeral Attendee
Did you know?
Did no one else notice the hotel at the end is the same set used for the movie Motel Hell? Go look that's it! It's the same set more than likely the same area as well.
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The closing credits read "...All insidents portrayed in this production are fictitious", but the word *incidents* is spelled incorrectly.
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After the sisters and the boyfriend get back to the motel with the cop. Gloria is wearing a red shirt, then when she brings them in coffee she has a tan shirt on, then two minutes later they are leaving and her red shirt is back on again.
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Both Kane and Able's heads are bashed in until they die, but at the end we see one of them limping up to the motel with some stuff wrong with his face, but they were both dead due to head trauma - there was nothing wrong with their legs.
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