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100 min
Action | Fantasy | Horror
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Scott Stewart
Country: USA
Release Date: 2010-01-22
Budget: $26,000,000
Opening Weekend: $17,501,625 (USA) (24 January 2010)
Gross: $40,168,080 (USA) (21 March 2010)
Willa Holland
Willa Holland
Paul Bettany
Lucas Black
Jeep Hanson
Tyrese Gibson
Kyle Williams
Adrianne Palicki
Charles S. Dutton
Percy Walker
Jon Tenney
Howard Anderson
Kevin Durand
Kate Walsh
Sandra Anderson
Dennis Quaid
Bob Hanson
Jeanette Miller
Gladys Foster
Cameron Harlow
Minivan Boy
Doug Jones
Ice Cream Man
Josh Stamberg
Yancey Arias
Danielle Lozeau
Teenage Girl
Luce Rains
Raggedy Man
Bryan Chapman
Football Player
Denney Pierce
Minivan Dad
Kaye Wade
Elderly Woman
Chuck Hicks
Elderly Man
Stephen Oyoung
Warehouse Guard
Tyra Danielle
Woman with Presents
Django Marsh
Minivan Boy - Voice
Jeffrey Feingold
Rich Gill
Deadbeat Rocker
Brett Heicher
Possessed Football Player (uncredited)
Gloria Laino
Z. Ray Wakeman
Did you know?
The vehicle that Jeep and Charlie are driving into the sunset in at the end of the movie is actually a Jeep (Wagoneer).
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The name of the diner is "Paradise Falls", a reference to the changing nature of God's attitude to man and the nature of angels from protectors to destroyers. Also a nod to John Milton's Paradise Lost, where it describes the fall of Satan to earth and the war between angels and man.
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The tattoos on Michael (and later Jeep) are Enochian, a language supposedly of the angels as recorded by John Dee and his seer Edward Kelley in the late 16th century, which they claimed was revealed to them by angels.
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When the power goes off in the diner, the jukebox isn't playing, but when the power comes back on it is playing.
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When the old grandma toward the beginning of the movie bites Howard's neck, Kyle rushes over to help and starts to take off his scarf to apply pressure to the neck. When the next scene pops up, the scarf has turned into a napkin. The next scene shows it again as a scarf.
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When Michael shoots Burton, the cop seen early in the film, a crash mat can be seen on the driver's side of the patrol car as Burton falls to the ground.
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Bob Hanson: [examining Gladys' dead body] Jesus, she's burning up. How is that possible? She's been dead for an hour.
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Bob Hanson: Where are the flies?
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Michael: I knew He'd send you, Gabriel... You were always so eager to please Him.
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Angels are supposed to be the good guys, what is going on here?
God doesn't like us anymore, so his angels are out to kill humanity. In the trailer and in the movie, you can clearly hear Michael say that God once sent "the flood" because he was angry with mankind. In the movie, God sends angels.
A Note Regarding Spoilers
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What happens to Audrey near the end?
When Jeep, Charlie, Audrey, and the baby are being attacked by the angel Gabriel, Audrey decides to sacrifice herself (albeit in vain). Audrey tells Jeep to stop the car as it is going more than 90 mph. The sudden stop flings Gabriel and Audrey through the windshield while Jeep, Charlie, and the baby crash off the side of the road. When Jeep asks Charlie where Audrey is after the crash, it is assumed that she knew that Audrey was dead even though it is never explicitly shown.
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