Liberty Stands Still
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Liberty Stands Still

92 min
Action | Drama | Thriller
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Kari Skogland
Country: Germany
Release Date: 2002-05-03
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Budget: $11,000,000
Opening Weekend: €58,500 (Italy) (5 May 2002)
Gross: €58,500 (Italy) (5 May 2002)
Tanya Allen
Hart Bochner
Hank Wilford
Fulvio Cecere
Burt McGovern
Gregory Calpakis
Vince (as Greg Calpakis)
Terry Chen
Officer Tom
Garvin Cross
CIA Henchman #1
Roger R. Cross
Officer Miller
Martin Cummins
Russell Williams
Keith Dallas
Young Man
Linda Fiorentino
Liberty Wallace
Marrett Green
Gary P. Evans - Reporter #2
Darcy Laurie
Drunk Guy
David Lewis
Robert Lewis
Fireman Frank
Brian Markinson
Rex Perry
Suzette Meyers
Marsha L. Peters - Reporter #1
Chiara Ohoven
Steve Pascal
Second in Command
Shawn Reis
Mel - Bodyguard
Claire Riley
Patron #2
Ryan Robbins
Fidgety Dude
Jonathan Scarfe
Bill Tollman
Darryl Scheelar
CIA Henchman #2
Ron Selmour
Dwayne (as Ronald Selmour)
Jeff Seymour
Officer Pritchard
Michael David Simms
Wesley Snipes
Blake Stovin
Ian Tracey
Mac Munro
Hilda van der Meulen
Emma Alderson (as Hilda Van Der Meulen)
José Vargas
SWAT Officer (as Jose Vargas)
Jerry Wasserman
Wall Street Man
Connor Widdows
Robbie Tyson
Peter Williams
Improperly worn rank insignia by the police "captain" (rank worn at odd angles). Perhaps LAPD has relaxed or arcane uniform standards, but the parallel captain's bars should either be worn "Army-style" (bars vertical) with the long edge of one bar centered along, parallel to, and 1/4" from the forward edge of the collar, or, "Navy-style" (bars diagonal) with the imaginary line between the two bars bisecting the angle of the collar's corner and lowest edge of the bars precisely 1 inch from the point of the collar.
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Towards the end of the film we see Liberty drop her phone and headset on the ground but in the next seen we see the headset still in her ear.
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The multiple shots about sniper nest show, his rifle has set position to cover area around hot dog stand and covering area is very narrow because of opened only last bottom slot in louvers. However, when Liberty's husband killers (and later from CIA) start shooting on Liberty from building roof or top car park level, Joe found them in his sniper scope and hit them. The view from scope showing picture, that rifle is on same level or below of target, but for such angle sniper would must change angle of rifle to position, where are closed louvers. And he definitely would not move louvers, it would reveal his position. Especially when all SWAT snipers was around.
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Bill Tollman: So, you want me to use my influence as a journalist to debate the right to bear arms with you, because you've got a gun pointed at me?
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Joe: It's up to you now. Time to choose.
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Joe: Tell me what we want.
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Photos from cast
Oliver Platt Rekha Sharma