Lonely Are the Brave
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Lonely Are the Brave

107 min
Drama | Western
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David Miller
Nominated for BAFTA Film Award. Another 2 wins
Country: USA
Release Date: 1962-06-14
Filming Locations: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Kirk Douglas
John W. "Jack" Burns
Gena Rowlands
Jerry Bondi
Walter Matthau
Sheriff Morey Johnson
Michael Kane
Paul Bondi
Carroll O'Connor
William Schallert
George Kennedy
Deputy Sheriff Gutierrez
Karl Swenson
Rev. Hoskins
William Mims
First Deputy Arraigning Burns (as Bill Mims)
Martin Garralaga
Old Man
Lalo Rios
Bill Bixby
Airman in Helicopter (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Tex Holden
Minor Role (uncredited)
Bill Raisch
One Arm (uncredited)
Dan Sheridan
Deputy Glynn (Comic Book) (uncredited)
Ray Spiker
Convict (uncredited)
Vince St. Cyr
Navajo Prisoner Who Escapes (uncredited)
Stuart Wade
Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
Charles Wagenheim
Vagrant Convict (uncredited)
Dan White
Convict (uncredited)
Did you know?
After Kirk Douglas read the novel "The Brave Cowboy" by Edward Abbey, he purchased the rights to it and gave the project to his friend Dalton Trumbo. Douglas said Trumbo's screenplay was perfect, the best he had ever read, and he didn't change one word of it.
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The one-armed man tells Jack Burns in the bar that he lost his arm at Okinawa during World War II. Bill Raisch, the actor who played the one-armed man, actually did lose his right arm in a fire on board a ship during the war. Raisch was Burt Lancaster's stand-in and later landed a recurring role in the TV series The Fugitive (1963).
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When preparing a compilation of film clips for Kirk Douglas' life achievement award by the Shoah Foundation, Steven Spielberg couldn't locate footage from this film and asked Universal for a clip. Spielberg recommended to the studio that the film be green-lighted for preservation, which it was.
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If a helicopter's tail rotor is damaged, the helicopter would begin spinning, not swooping back and forth. The pilot would be forced to auto-rotate to a landing.
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In the bar scene, Burns sits down at a table with a mug of beer and drinks half of it. The one-armed man throws a bottle at him and in the next shot his mug is full.
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9 minutes into the movie when Jerry Bondi is putting ham into the frying pan, the bread bin next to her is shut. A couple of seconds later, it is open.
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Jack Burns: This fellow wants action, I'm glad to accommodate him, do it with one arm behind my back. Any of you boys interfere, I'll use both arms.
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Deputy Sheriff Gutierrez: [Ominously] Telephone call... in the office.
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Jerry Bondi: I was expecting you, Jack. Isn't that odd? I heard a horse and I knew it was your horse.
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