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Lords of Dogtown

107 min
Biography | Drama | Sport
IMDB rate:
Catherine Hardwicke
1 win & 7 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-06-03
Filming Locations: Imperial Beach, California, USA
Budget: $25,000,000
Opening Weekend: $5,623,373 (USA) (5 June 2005)
Gross: $11,008,432 (USA) (26 June 2005)
Laura Ramsey
Laura Ramsey
Lords of Dogtown
John Robinson
Emile Hirsch
Rebecca De Mornay
William Mapother
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Mr. Alva
Victor Rasuk
Nikki Reed
Kathy Alva
Heath Ledger
Vincent Laresca
Brian Zarate
Pablo Schreiber
Elden Henson
Billy Z
Michael Angarano
Mitch Hedberg
Urethane Wheels Guy
Benjamin Nurick
Stephanie Limb
Peggy Oki
Mike Ogas
Bob Biniak
Cheyne Magnusson
Jim 'Red Dog' Muir
Don Nguyen
Melonie Diaz
Mark Kubr
Donnie's Friend
Rene Rivera
Mr. Peralta (as René Rivera)
Chad Fernandez
Reef Ryan
Jim Muir
Security Guard (as Jim 'Red Dog' Muir)
Chris Chaput
Russ Howell
Matt Malloy
Contest Official
Jack Smith
Del Mar Announcer
Steve Badillo
Ty Page
Bill Cusack
Del Mar Judge
Kirk Ward
Bill Bahne
Eddie Cahill
Larry Gordon
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Vickie (as Sarah Blakely-Cartwright)
Bob Biniak
Restaurant Manager
Eric 'Tuma' Britton
Marty Grimes
Chuck Hosack
Irate Husband (as Chuck Hosak)
Chelsea Hobbs
Reid Harper
Lookout Boy
Paulette Ivory
Magazine Reporter
America Ferrera
Thunder Monkey
Johnny Knoxville
Topper Burks
Raphael Verela
Topper's Bodyguard
Jay Adams
Party Guest
Ned Bellamy
Peter Darling
Tony Alva
Oregon Man at Party
Charles Napier
Joe Virzi
Capitola Race Starter
Skip Engblom
Seattle Race Starter
Stacy Peralta
TV Director
Daniel Venegas
Tony Hawk
Shea Whigham
Drake Landon
Lucas Gasperik
Jay Clone
Ray Flores
Long Beach Announcer
Benjamin Anderson
Long Beach Judge
Alexis Arquette
Travis Peterson
Young Surfer
Rebeca Silva
Sid's Nurse
Noah Abrams
Agent (uncredited)
William Alva
Stoned Surfer (uncredited)
Jeffrey G. Barnett
Val (uncredited)
Leslie Berger
Cashier (uncredited)
Jeremiah Bitsui
Cholo (uncredited)
David Burden
Magazine Photographer (uncredited)
Shelley Burkard
Topper's Girlfriend 2 (uncredited)
Arnold Chun
Magazine Photographer (uncredited)
Christopher Estes
G&S Team Skater (uncredited)
Eric Gerleman
Restaurant Manager (uncredited)
Sean Goodman
Santa Cruz Team Rider (uncredited)
Mary Grace
Hippie Girl (uncredited)
Julie Marie Hassett
Featured Pregnant Woman (uncredited)
Ricky Hausz
Party Friend (uncredited)
Noël John Howard
Infinity Skate Team (uncredited)
Emmanuel Howell
Skateboarder (uncredited)
Reef Karim
Dr. Angelo Gamboa (uncredited)
Joe Koons
Groupie #2 (uncredited)
Samantha Lockwood
Topper's Girlfriend 1 (uncredited)
Tia Marrie
Neighbor (uncredited)
Allie McCulloch
Party Girl (uncredited)
Jason David McFadden
Pimp at Gas Station (uncredited)
Tim McIlrath
Singer (uncredited)
Dax McKeever
Security (uncredited)
DeWalt Mix
G&S Team Skater (uncredited)
Marat Oyvetsky
Punk Rocker (uncredited)
Tom Peha
Alva Skate Team (uncredited)
Camilla Rantsen
Lotje Alva (uncredited)
Jeremy Renner
Jay Adams Manager (uncredited)
Anthony Rodriguez
Gangster (uncredited)
Jane Schmidt
Del Mar Fan (uncredited)
Tony Shore
Skater (uncredited)
Gary Sievers
Unemployed Man (uncredited)
Victoria Spark
Nurse (uncredited)
Stan Strocher
Capitola Classic Fan (uncredited)
Bridgetta Tomarchio
Party Girl (uncredited)
Frank J. Tsacrios
Judge (uncredited)
Stone Van Gorder
Judge (uncredited)
Gina Venditti
Surfer Girl (uncredited)
Tarita Virtue
Fan (uncredited)
Eric West
James Smith (uncredited)
Katie Whicker
Topper's Lady (uncredited)
Did you know?
This Mitch Hedberg's final on screen appearance.
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Emile Hirsch already had some experience as a street skater from Southern California prior to appearing in this film.
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To prepare for his role as young Jay Adams, Emile Hirsch flew to Hawaii to spend time with Jay Adams who had just been released from jail for assault and drug charges and had just gotten married.
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When Jay visited his mother in the factory, his trophy changes his position from in front of his shoulder to behind his shoulder.
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The wide 7-ply laminate concave skateboard that Tyson the bulldog rides at the championship was not available in 1977. Laminate decks existed but they were flat and narrow. Skateboards in 1977 rarely exceeded 7-8 inches wide. Tysons board is obviously a 10 inch wide mid to late '80s pool/ramp model with wider trucks and "new school" wheels.
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When Stacey and Kathy leave after the first competition, they get in his car, and Stacey exclaims the Skip called him bro, and said, "You look hungry, bro." When really, Skip had said, "Hey, bro, you're lookin' hungry."
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Skip: [after Stacy received the Z-boys t-shirt at the diner] You earned it, bro...
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Jay: [talking to Kathy] Gimmie Kitty!
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Jay: [Biniak yells in Sid's ear, making him wipe out] dude, he's got that inner ear thing!
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What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version?
The Unrated Version of the movie offers additional plot scenes as well as scenes with words which seemed to be not suitable for a PG-13 rating. Altogether the Unrated Version runs approx. 200 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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