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50 min (71 episodes)
Comedy | Crime | Drama | Mystery
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1 nomination
Country: UK
Release Date: 1986-01-10
Filming Locations: Elm Hill, Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK
Did you know?
A trademark feature of the programme is the way that Lovejoy occasionally addresses the camera (and therefore the viewer) with a cheeky quip or a roguish "well, what would *you* have done?" as he is about to get the better of another character in a crooked antiques deal.
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During filming in series one to three, several scenes were shot inside the Six Bells pub, Walsham Le Willows. For some strange reason, the films were reversed, and actors wore their watches on their RIGHT wrists, jackets with right-hand breast pockets were made, and there was even a reverse-replica of the pub clock.
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Something of a mystery surrounds Lovejoy's daughter. In Lovejoy: Sugar & Spice (1991), Lady Jane mentions that Lovejoy has just one daughter. In Season 1, she is called Kate and is played by Charlotte Edwards; in Seasons 2 and 3, she is called Vicky and is played by Amelia Shankley; in Season 6 her name is spelled Viki and she is played by Amelia Curtis. Despite information to the contrary on some web sites, Amelia Shankley and Amelia Curtis are not the same actress.
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Lovejoy: Do we have to bring mistrust and suspicion into this?
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