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Made in Dagenham

113 min
Biography | Comedy | Drama | History
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Nigel Cole
Nominated for 3 BAFTA Film Awards. Another 3 wins & 13 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2010-10-01
Filming Locations: Dagenham, Essex, England, UK
Budget: $7,200,000
Opening Weekend: $37,563 (USA) (21 November 2010)
Gross: $1,094,798 (USA) (10 April 2011)
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike
Made in Dagenham
John Sessions
John Sessions
Made in Dagenham
Daniel Mays
Daniel Mays
Made in Dagenham
Sally Hawkins
Rita O'Grady
Andrea Riseborough
Jaime Winstone
Lorraine Stanley
Nicola Duffett
Geraldine James
Bob Hoskins
Albert Passingham
Matthew Aubrey
Roger Lloyd Pack
Phil Cornwell
Karen Seacombe
Thomas Arnold
Sian Scott
Sharon O'Grady
Robbie Kay
Graham O'Grady
Andrew Lincoln
Mr. Clarke
Joseph Mawle
Kenneth Cranham
Monty Taylor
Gina Bramhill
Hopkins' Secretary
Marcus Hutton
Rupert Graves
Peter Hopkins
Miranda Richardson
Barbara Castle
Joseph Kloska
Undersecretary 1
Miles Jupp
Undersecretary 2
Frank Baker
Philip Perry
Arthur Horovitz
Richard Schiff
Robert Tooley
Peter-Hugo Daly
Simon Armstrong
Matilda Cole
Romy Taylor
Angus Barnett
Passing Van Driver
Birgitta Bernhard
Choir Mistress
Laurie Cannon
Reporter 1
William Ivory
Reporter 2
Nico Tatarowicz
Reporter 3
Denis Gilmore
Man on Bike
Danny Huston
American Boss
Mitchell Mullen
Matt King
Trevor Innes
Noah Taylor
Lisa Hopkins' Son
Victoria Watkins
Union Secretary
Craig Randall
David Bond
Union Chairman
Simon Nehan
Welsh Union Man
Keri Ashmead
Dagenham Striker
Maria Bailey
Dagenham Striker
Nicola Barlow
Dagenham Striker
Sarah Barrow
Dagenham Striker
Julie Caddell
Dagenham Striker
Pamela Challacombe
Dagenham Striker
Gillian Davies
Dagenham Striker
Tina Evans
Dagenham Striker
Helen Evans
Dagenham Striker
Sheila Glass
Dagenham Striker
Donna Griffiths
Dagenham Striker
Tina Hewitt
Dagenham Striker
Maria Jefferies
Dagenham Striker
Joanna Johnson
Dagenham Striker
Tara Jones
Dagenham Striker
Marysia Kay
Dagenham Striker
Mandy Kitto
Dagenham Striker
Melanie Maybank
Dagenham Striker
Carol Michael
Dagenham Striker
Rhiannon Morgan
Dagenham Striker
Haley Morgan
Dagenham Striker
Debbie J. Nash
Dagenham Striker
Lisa Preston
Dagenham Striker
Allesandra Pritchard
Dagenham Striker
Rebecca Probert
Dagenham Striker
Gloria Riccio
Dagenham Striker
Rose Romain
Dagenham Striker
Alison Russell Smith
Dagenham Striker
Saskia Shepherd
Dagenham Striker
Karen Slater
Dagenham Striker
Jacquee Storozynski-Toll
Dagenham Striker
Patricia Terry
Dagenham Striker
Beverly Thorne
Dagenham Striker
Christine Tyler
Dagenham Striker
Sally Warren
Dagenham Striker
Abigail Williams
Dagenham Striker
Sylvia Wills
Dagenham Striker
Cara Bamford
Sandra's Friend
Tom Clear
Ford Factory Worker
Ronald Fernee
Jeb Hardey
Jeanie Gold
Annika Hammerton
Sandra's Friend
Darren Hammock
Committee Member
Lee Nicholas Harris
Justina Hernik
Bill Hickey
Party Guest /
Rich Keeble
West Ham Supporter
Denis Khoroshko
Town Hall Worker
Simone Liebman
Johnny Lynch
Imelda Maguire
Alex Moore
Fridge Mover
Ben Morris
Connor Slaney
Funeral Family Member
Mick Slaney
Funeral Family Member
Gary Swan
Did you know?
Sandie Shaw who sang the film's title song used to work as a punched-card operator in the Ford plant at Dagenham several years before the events depicted in the film.
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Was turned into a West End musical in 2014. Gemma Arterton assumed Sally Hawkins's lead role.
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Three of the original Dagenham seamstresses invited Sally Hawkins for tea, prior to the filming, as they wished to inform her properly about mindset behind the strike, that she was set to portray in the film. Hawkins' grandmother also worked as a seamstress, although not at the Dagenham factory.
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A Corsair is shown among the Cortinas leaving the factory on a transporter. Corsairs were only manufactured in Dagenham after 1969. Before that, they were manufactured in Halewood.
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At least three of the Rover 2000 P6 cars that appear in the film including a Police car, are of the MkII version made from 1970. The rear pillar black vinyl trim and stainless hub caps with the Rover logo would indicate this.
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In the bar after the Eastbourne conference when Sandra is at the bar, a modern set of beer pumps is visible with a plastic Guinness pump handle prominent. (At about 1hr 26mins)
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Rita O'Grady: My best friend lost her husband recently. He was a gunner in the 50 Squadron in the RAF. Got shot down one time, on a raid to Essen. And even though he was badly injured, he managed to bail out. I asked him why he joined the RAF, and he said "Well, they've got the best women, haven't they?"
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Lisa Hopkins: I'm Lisa Burnett, I'm 31 years old and I have a first class honours degree from one of the finest universities in the world, and my husband treats me like I'm a fool.
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Rita O'Grady: All those in favour of not only maintaining but increasing our current industrial action by going to an immediate all-out stoppage until we get the same rates of pay as the men! Well, why not? Cause that's what this is really about, innit? We're on the lowest rate of the entire bleeding factory despite the fact we got considerable skill. And there's only one possible reason for that. It's cause we're women. And in the workplace, women get paid less than men, no matter what skill they got! Which is why from now on, we got to demand a level playing field and rates of pay which reflect the job you do, not whether you got a dick or not! This strike is about one thing and one thing only! Fairness. Equal pay or nothing! All those in favour?
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