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Marie Antoinette

149 min | USA:157 min (original road show print including entry, intermission and exit music)
Biography | Drama | History | Romance
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W.S. Van Dyke
Nominated for 4 Oscars. Another 1 win & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1938-08-26
Filming Locations: Chateau de Versailles, Versailles, Yvelines, France
Scotty Beckett
Scotty Beckett
Marie Antoinette
Norma Shearer
Marie Antoinette
Tyrone Power
Count Axel de Fersen
John Barrymore
King Louis XV
Robert Morley
King Louis XVI
Anita Louise
Princesse de Lamballe
Joseph Schildkraut
Duke d'Orléans
Gladys George
Mme. du Barry
Henry Stephenson
Count de Mercey
Cora Witherspoon
Countess de Noailles
Barnett Parker
Prince de Rohan
Reginald Gardiner
Comte d'Artois
Henry Daniell
La Motte
Leonard Penn
Albert Dekker
Comte de Provence
Alma Kruger
Empress Maria Theresa
Joseph Calleia
George Meeker
Marilyn Knowlden
Princesse Thérèse
Erville Alderson
Passport Official (uncredited)
Richard Alexander
Man with Pike (uncredited)
Sam Ash
Rabblerouser (uncredited)
Bonnie Bannon
Girl (uncredited)
Trevor Bardette
Municipal Taking the Young Dauphin (uncredited)
Robert Barrat
Citizen-Officer (uncredited)
Ed Brady
Townsman at Execution (uncredited)
Thomas Braidon
Lackey (uncredited)
Al Bridge
Official in Passport Office (uncredited)
Peter Bull
Gamin (uncredited)
John Burton
Mae Busch
Mme. La Motte
John Butler
Second Municipal Taking the Young Dauphin (uncredited)
Frank Campeau
Lemonade Vendor (uncredited)
David Cavendish
Beauregard (uncredited)
Lane Chandler
Revolutionary Officer (uncredited)
Dorothy Christy
Lady in Waiting to Madame Du Barry (uncredited)
Ocean Claypool
Woman in Gaming House (uncredited)
Roger Converse
Man in Gaming House (uncredited)
Harry Cording
Executioner (uncredited)
Earl Covert
Singer in Death Chant (uncredited)
Wade Crosby
Cecil Cunningham
Mme. 'Feldy' de Lerchenfeld (uncredited)
Guy D'Ennery
Minister at King's Council (uncredited)
Howard Da Silva
Toulon (uncredited)
Harry Davenport
Monsieur de Cosse (uncredited)
Nigel De Brulier
Archbishop (uncredited)
Vernon Downing
Man in Gaming House (uncredited)
Claire Du Brey
Woman Yelling at Rabblerouser (uncredited)
Frank Elliott
King's Chamberlain (uncredited)
Billy Engle
Man with Goblet (uncredited)
Harold Entwistle
Old Aristocrat at Opera (uncredited)
Ann Evers
Woman in Gaming House (uncredited)
Al Ferguson
Soldier (uncredited)
Barry Fitzgerald
Peddler (uncredited)
Neil Fitzgerald
First Councilor (uncredited)
Jack George
Orchestra Leader (uncredited)
Maude Turner Gordon
Dowager (uncredited)
Greta Granstedt
Woman in Gaming House (uncredited)
Lawrence Grant
Old Nobleman at Birth of Dauphin (uncredited)
Jack Grey
Courtesan (uncredited)
Ben Hall
Young Man Fetching Priest (uncredited)
Ben Hendricks Jr.
National Guardsman (uncredited)
Holmes Herbert
Herald (uncredited)
Ramsay Hill
Major Domo (uncredited)
George Houston
Marquis De St. Priest (uncredited)
Esther Howard
Streetwalker (uncredited)
Mary Howard
Olivia (uncredited)
Hugh Huntley
Man in Opera Gallery (uncredited)
Arthur Hurni
Rabblerouser (uncredited)
Ruth Hussey
Duchess de Polignac
Olaf Hytten
Monsieur Boehmer - the Jeweler (uncredited)
Frank Jaquet
Keeper of the Seal (uncredited)
Edward Keane
General (uncredited)
Victor Kilian
Guard in Louis' Cell (uncredited)
Claude King
Choisell (uncredited)
George Kirby
Priest (uncredited)
Henry Kolker
Court Aide (uncredited)
Howard Lang
Franz (uncredited)
Duke R. Lee
Coach Driver (uncredited)
Harts Lind
Nurse (uncredited)
Jacques Lory
French Peasant (uncredited)
Frank McGlynn Jr.
Soldier with Rude Laugh (uncredited)
Horace McMahon
Rabblerouser (uncredited)
John Merton
Soldier Announcing Birth (uncredited)
Helene Millard
Lady in Waiting to Du Barry (uncredited)
Frances Millen
Lady in Waiting to Du Barry (uncredited)
M. Morova
Singer in Death Chant (uncredited)
Corbet Morris
LaRue (uncredited)
Leonard Mudie
Man Yelling 'Have You Proof?' (uncredited)
Bea Nigro
Woman at the Opera (uncredited)
Mimi Olivera
Lady in Waiting to Du Barry (uncredited)
Moroni Olsen
Bearded Leader of the People (uncredited)
Rafaela Ottiano
Louise - Marie's Maid (uncredited)
Claire Owen
Woman in Gaming House (uncredited)
Inez Palange
Fish Wife (uncredited)
Billy Platt
Midget in Student Ball Number (uncredited)
Guy Bates Post
Convention President (uncredited)
Alonzo Price
Second Guardsman (uncredited)
Tom Quinn
Rabblerouser (uncredited)
Herbert Rawlinson
Goguelot (uncredited)
'Little Billy' Rhodes
Midget in Student Ball Number (uncredited)
Buddy Roosevelt
Revolutionary Officer (uncredited)
Lionel Royce
Guillaume (uncredited)
Tom Rutherford
St. Clair (uncredited)
Brent Sargent
St. Pre (uncredited)
Harry Semels
Townsman at Execution (uncredited)
Allen D. Sewall
Citizen (uncredited)
Kathryn Sheldon
Mrs. Tilson - Setting the Table for Four (uncredited)
Ivan F. Simpson
William Steele
Footman (uncredited)
Carl Stockdale
National Guardsman Bringing Toy Soldier (uncredited)
Harry Stubbs
Second Councilor (uncredited)
Frank Arthur Swales
Chimney Sweep (uncredited)
Phillip Terry
Man in Gaming House (uncredited)
Zeffie Tilbury
Dowager at Birth of Dauphin (uncredited)
Dorothy Tuttle
Minor Role (uncredited)
Theodore von Eltz
Officer in Entrance Hall (uncredited)
Gustav von Seyffertitz
King's Confessor (uncredited)
Charles Waldron
Swedish Ambassador (uncredited)
Walter Walker
Dr. Benjamin Franklin (uncredited)
Luana Walters
Woman in Gaming House (uncredited)
Anthony Warde
Lyons Wickland
Laclos (uncredited)
Tudor Williams
Singer in Death Chant (uncredited)
Eric Wilton
Juror (uncredited)
Ian Wolfe
Herbert - the Jailer (uncredited)
George Zucco
Governor of Conciergerie (uncredited)
Did you know?
The grandiose ballroom set appears to a recycling of the previous ballroom set used in the earlier films 'Conquest' and 'Maytime' (both 1937), with just the addition of a wall of mirrors and additional candelabrum.
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Norma Shearer is the only actress to portray Marie Antoinette on screen and receive an Academy Award nomination [Best Actress] for her performance.
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The role of Marie Antoinette was reportedly Norma Shearer's favorite of her roles.
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In the lavish ball sequence at Versailles that appears to take place in the famous Hall of Mirrors, King Louis XV (and later, Mme du Pompadour) arrives by descending a huge flight of stairs. Yet the real Hall of Mirrors has no stairs, at either end.
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The stately minuet heard at the lavish ball sequence hosted by the Duc D'Orleans at Versailles, is from Mozart's opera Don Giovanni, which was composed in 1787. A few moments after the Minuet ends, King Louis XV arrives. He died in 1774 and therefore, this music could not possibly have been played at such an event as it had yet to be written.
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Count Axel de Fersen: When I'm gone you'll be glad that I didn't stand in the path of your destiny making you less than you were meant to be.
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Comte d'Artois: [Provence is making a hasty retreat to his carriage when he meets Artois who is making his own hurried exit] Ah, brother! Traveling?
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Count Axel de Fersen: I must let you go. Goodbye.
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Scotty Beckett