Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend
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Marilyn Monroe: Beyond the Legend

60 min
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Gene Feldman
Country: USA
Marilyn Monroe
Herself (archive footage)
Richard Widmark
Narrator / Jed Towers (also archive footage: Don't Bother to Knock [1952])
Don Murray
Himself - Interviewee / Beauregard 'Bo' Decker (also archive footage: Bus Stop [1956])
Susan Strasberg
Herself - Interviewee
Joshua Logan
Himself - Director
Robert Mitchum
Himself - Interviewee / Matt Calder (also archive footage: River of No Return [1954])
Laszlo Willinger
Himself - Professional Photographer
Sheree North
Herself - Actress / Friend
Shelley Winters
Herself - Actress / Friend
Clarke Gordon
Himself - Interviewee (as Clark Gordon)
Celeste Holm
Herself - Interviewee / Karen (also archive footage: All About Eve [1950])
John Springer
Himself - Publicist
Lauren Bacall
Schatze Page (archive footage: How to Marry a Millionaire [1953])
Scotty Beckett
Willy Miller
Eric Blore
Mackinaw (archive footage: Love Happy [1949])
Clara Bow
Actress in Movie Clip (archive footage: It [1927])
Louis Calhern
Alonzo D. Emmerich
Charles Coburn
Sir Francis 'Piggy' Beekman
Elisha Cook Jr.
Eddie Forbes (archive footage: Don't Bother to Knock [1952])
Bette Davis
Margo (archive footage: All About Eve [1950])
Joe DiMaggio
Himself - Monroe's Second Husband (archive footage)
Tom Ewell
Richard Sherman (archive footage: The Seven Year Itch [1955]) (as Tommy Ewell)
Clark Gable
Gay Langland (archive footage: The Misfits [1961])
Betty Grable
Loco Dempsey
Milton H. Greene
Himself - VP of Marilyn's Production Company (archive footage: Person to Person [1955])
Amy Greene-Andrews
Herself (archive footage: Person to Person [1955])
Jean Harlow
Actress in Movie Clip (archive footage)
Darryl Hickman
Leo Emerson (archive footage: Dangerous Years [1947])
Taylor Holmes
Mr. Esmond Sr.
Buster Keaton
Actor in Movie Clip (archive footage)
Jack Lemmon
Jerry (archive footage: Some Like it Hot [1959])
Dean Martin
Nicholas 'Nick' Arden (archive footage: Something's Got to Give [1962 short])
Groucho Marx
Detective Sam Grunion (archive footage: Love Happy [1949])
Gary Merrill
Bill Simpson (archive footage: All About Eve [1950])
Arthur Miller
Himself - Monroe's Third Husband (archive footage)
Augusta Barnett Miller
Herself - Arthur Miller's Mother (archive footage)
Isidore Miller
Himself - Arthur Miller's Father (archive footage)
Edward R. Murrow
Himself - Television Interview Host (archive footage: Person to Person [1955])
Patricia Newcomb
Herself - Publicist (archive footage)
Tommy Noonan
Gus Esmond Jr. (archive footage: Gentleman Prefer Blondes [1953])
Arthur O'Connell
Virgil Blessing (archive footage: Bus Stop [1956])
Laurence Olivier
The Regent (archive footage: The Prince and the Showgirl [1957])
Jean Peters
Polly Cutler
Queen Elizabeth II
Herself (archive footage)
Gregory Ratoff
Max Fabian (archive footage: All About Eve [1950])
Jane Russell
Dorothy Shaw (archive footage: Gentleman Prefer Blondes [1953])
Robert Ryan
Earl Pfeiffer
George Sanders
Addison DeWitt (archive footage: All About Eve [1950])
Max Showalter
Ray Cutler
Phil Silvers
Johnson (archive footage: Something's Got to Give [short 1962])
Barbara Stanwyck
Mae Doyle D'Amato
Rudolph Valentino
Actor in Movie Clip (archive footage)
David Wayne
Freddie Denmark
Victor Mature
Himself - Clip with Queen Elizabeth (archive footage) (uncredited)
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