Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
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Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Navid Khonsari
2 nominations
Country: Finland
Release Date: 2003-10-25
James McCaffrey
Detective Max Payne
Wendy Hoopes
Mona Sax
Jonathan Davis
Vladimir Lem
Vince Viverito
Lt. Jim Bravura
Jennifer Server
Detective Valerie Winterson (voice)
John Braden
Senator Alfred Woden
Fred Berman
Vinnie Gognitti
David O'Brien
Cartoon Host / Return To Sender Announcer / Male Sales Voice (voice)
Michael Mags
Captain Baseball Bat-Boy (voice)
Victoria Pontecorvo
Bicycle Helmet-Girl (voice)
John Zurhellen
Demon / Zombie (voice)
Ann Scobie
Lady Amelia
Chris Durham
Lord Valentine / Cleaner / Security Guard (voice)
Kevin Conroy
Lord Jack / Cleaner / Commando (voice)
Marge Redmond
Mama / Neighbor (voice)
Gary Yudman
Sheriff's Man / Mike 'The Cowboy' / Bodyguard (voice)
Rodd Houston
Dick Justice / Blaxploitation Narrator / Bodyguard (voice)
Kelle Kerr
Sharon Justice (voice)
Gregory Sims
John Mirra / Policeman / Cleaner / Kaufman (voice) (as Greg Sims)
Ralph Byers
Shrink / Security Guard /
Debra Sperling
John's Girlfriend / Hooker / Female Sales Voice (voice)
Mike Moran
Warden / Mobster / Russian (voice)
Navid Khonsari
Porn Host (voice)
Jane Gennaro
Nicole Horne
Lou Martini Jr.
Mobster (voice)
Frank Sims
Mobster / Russian / Businessman (voice)
Todd Susman
Mobster / Policeman / Russian (voice)
Peter Appel
Mobster (voice)
Bruce Kronenberg
Mobster (voice)
Paul Christie
Ron Foster
Policeman / Security Guard /
Matt Walton
Policeman / Cleaner / Commando (voice)
Dispatcher / Doctor / Female Officer (voice)
Chris Phillips
Cleaner (voice)
John Presnell
Janitor (voice)
Kim Howard
Annie Finn (voice) (as Kimberly Howard)
Matias Myllyrinne
Flamingo (voice)
Paul Borghese
Mobster (voice)
Jonathan Tindle
Russian (voice)
Miles Faber
Man in the bar (uncredited)
Did you know?
The engraving above the door to Alfred Woden's manor reads, "Omnia Vincit Amor." This is Latin for "Love Conquers All."
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In Max's apartment, a Poets of the Fall CD can be seen sitting on Max's coffee table. Poets of the Fall is the band that performs "Late Goodbye," the song which plays over the end credits. It's also the song the janitor sings before Max confronts him and which Mona sings in the shower.
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The first thing Mona says to Max in the game ("We've gotta stop meeting like this") is one of the last things that she said to him in the previous game.
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While in the derelict building as Mona, a number of signs display the word "authorised" spelled in UK English even though the game takes place in the United States.
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A .50 AE caliber Desert Eagle holds 8 rounds (7 in the magazine 1 in the chamber), not 10.
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Vladimir Lem: Dearest of all my friends...
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Vladimir Lem: [answering machine] I'm coming to kill you, old man. You really know how to piss me off, you know... Would it have killed you to say 'thank you' for once in your life? To say 'Vlad, my son... can I call you my son because I sure do love you like one.' 'Vlad my son, you are a true prodigy. Everything you touch turns to gold.' Oh... wait, it *is* going to kill you! I'm done doing your dirty work for you. You should be proud. I have learned all you've taught me. I'm coming to show you.
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Max Payne: Vlad, shut up and stay alive. I'm coming.
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