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Miami Exposé

73 min
Crime | Drama
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Fred F. Sears
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Miami, Florida, USA
Lee J. Cobb
Lt. Barton 'Bart' Scott
Patricia Medina
Lila Hodges
Edward Arnold
Oliver Tubbs
Michael Granger
Louis Ascot
Eleanore Tanin
Ann Easton
Alan Napier
Raymond Sheridan
Chris Alcaide
Morrie Pell - Gunman
Hugh Sanders
Chief Charles Landon
Barry L. Connors
Stevie Easton
Douglas Kennedy
Dan McCracken
Carleton Young
Stuart Randall
'Lucky' Gato
Marvin Press
Randy Christmas
Mayor of Miami
Lauren Gilbert
Harry Tremont (uncredited)
Sam Harris
Nightclub Patron (uncredited)
Did you know?
Edward Arnold's final film.
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Lt. Scott (Lee J. Cobb) refers to the person who shot his partner as a 'gunsel'. A comment in "Maltese Falcon' (q.v.) explains that when Hammett wrote the novel The Maltese Falcon, he described Wilmer as a "catamite" (a young man in a sexual relationship with an older man). The publisher objected, so Hammett changed it to "gunsel," an obscure bit of street slang with the same meaning. Because so few people were familiar with the term, it snuck past the Breen Office and into the finished film. Most people who watch the movie assume "gunsel" is just another word for gunman.
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When driving around Havana in the 1956 Buick, the color stays the same but the model changes. The more expensive model has four of Buick's signature fake exhaust ports, while the cheaper model has three. These are used alternately.
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Harry Lauter