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Roel Reiné
Country: Netherlands
Release Date: 2015-01-29
Filming Locations: Dam Square, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Opening Weekend: €827,933 (Netherlands) (1 February 2015)
Gross: €3,738,879 (Netherlands) (25 February 2015)
Charles Dance
King Charles II of England
Rutger Hauer
Maarten Tromp
Daniel Brocklebank
Lord Chancellor
Barry Atsma
Johan de Witt
Tygo Gernandt
Van Ghent
Aurélie Meriel
Filip Peeters
Egbert Jan Weeber
Willem III
Derek de Lint
Frank Lammers
Michiel de Ruyter
Will Bowden
Prince Rupert
Roeland Fernhout
Cornelis de Witt
Sanne Langelaar
Anna de Ruyter
Nils Verkooijen
Engel de Ruyter
Lieke van Lexmond
Wendela de Witt
Youval Kuipers
Jules Croiset
De Graeff
Gene Bervoets
Van Ginneken
Hayo Bruins
Cornelis Tromp
Jada Borsato
Neeltje de Ruyter
Victor Löw
De Waerd
Axel Daeseleire
Constable of Michiel de Ruyter
Jelle de Jong
Hans Willem Bentinck
Pip Pellens
Joost Koning
Michael Nierse
Tom - Kruitloopjongen van Michiel de Ruyter
Lukas Dijkema
Jan van Brakel
Thedo Keizer
Member of Parliament
Bas van Prooijen
Simon Ates
Tim de Zwart
Chirurgijn 7 Provinciën
Erik Cardon
Mayor of Flushing
Lars Bech
Did you know?
One of the classic ships used in production of this movie a an accurate replica of "De Batavia". This is in fact a cargo ship, which sunk of the coast of Australia 1629. The building of this replica took place at the "Bataviawerf" in Lelystad, The Netherlands and was finished in 1995. The next project was a replica of Michiel de Ruyters actual ship "De Zeven Provincien" but this build has stalled due the lack of funds.
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In total, the VSX has delivered 3,000 man-days.
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In order to make the film accessible for school classes and families who want to see it in the cinema, a 12+ version with a few cuts in the most explicit scenes was also released.
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On the British ships you can see the British flag (the Union Jack). The movie is set in the 17th century but the Union Jack as shown in the movie was not made until 1801.
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Three of the ships used in the production (Etoile, Shtandart, Utrecht) were 18th century ships, while the story is taking place in the 17th century.
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Michiel de Ruyter didn't actually die on the spot when he's hit by a cannon ball. He died from his injuries later.
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Ella-June Henrard