Midnight Intruder
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Midnight Intruder

68 min
Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Mystery | Romance
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Arthur Lubin
Country: USA
Release Date: 1938-02-06
Filming Locations: Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA
Louis Hayward
Barry Gilbert, posing as John Clark Reitter Jr.
Eric Linden
John Clark Reitter Jr., posing as Jay Rogers
J.C. Nugent
'Doc' Norton
Irving Bacon
Evans - The Reitter Chauffeur
Robert Greig
Willetts, the Reitter Butler
Pierre Watkin
Attorney Peter Winslow
Sheila Bromley
Peggy Reitter, posing as Peggy Rogers
Paul Everton
John Clark Reitter Sr.
Nana Bryant
Mrs. John Clark Reitter Sr.
Joseph Crehan
Newspaper Editor Bill Harwoodod
Selmer Jackson
Judge Hammond
Jan Duggan
Mrs. Randolph
Polly Bailey
The Reitter Cook (uncredited)
Aileen Carlyle
Annie, the Maid (uncredited)
Billy Engle
Race Track Tout (uncredited)
Matty Fain
Luis Romano (uncredited)
Allen Fox
Ship's Radio Operator (uncredited)
Charley Foy
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Jack Gardner
Messenger (uncredited)
Fay Helm
Marion Loring (uncredited)
Rex Lease
Track Spectator (uncredited)
Alexander Leftwich
Newspaper Cashier (uncredited)
Jimmie Lucas
Waiter (uncredited)
Charles Murphy
Truck Driver (uncredited)
Ted Osborne
Reporter Joe Dillon (uncredited)
Lee Phelps
Deputy (uncredited)
Ruth Robinson
Mrs. Winslow (uncredited)
Charles Sullivan
Policeman (uncredited)
Guy Usher
Mike Kelly (uncredited)
Billy Wayne
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Eric Wilton
Hammond's Butler (uncredited)
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