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98 min
Comedy | Crime | Drama | Family | Fantasy
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Danny Boyle
2 wins & 7 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2005-04-08
Filming Locations: East Lancs Steam Railway, Bury, Greater Manchester, England, UK
Opening Weekend: $70,224 (USA) (13 March 2005)
Gross: $6,583,149 (USA) (28 August 2005)
Alex Etel
Lewis McGibbon
James Nesbitt
Daisy Donovan
Christopher Fulford
The Man
Pearce Quigley
Community Policeman
Jane Hogarth
Alun Armstrong
St Peter
Enzo Cilenti
St Francis
Nasser Memarzia
St Joseph
Kathryn Pogson
St Clare
Harry Kirkham
St Nicholas
Cornelius Macarthy
Kolade Agboke
Leslie Phillips
Leslie Phillips
James Quinn
Estate Agent
Mark Chatterton
Toby Walton
Damian's Teacher
Frank Cottrell Boyce
Nativity Teacher
Christy Cullen
Gunnar Winbergh
Christian Rubeck
Jerome (as Christian Pedersen)
Guy Flanagan
All Saint 3
Philippa Howarth
Billy Hyland
John Nugent
Steve Garti
Alice Grice
Dale Stringer
Warren Donnelly
Sweet Shop Owner
Denny James Smith
Big Issue Seller 2
Bina Patel
Cashier 1
Lisa Millett
Cashier 2
Neville Skelly
Pizza Hut Waiter
Daniel Weyman
Bright Eyed Young Man
Tara Moran
Applicant 2
Michele Whitehead
Skinny Woman (as Michelle Whitehead)
Maggie Norris
Professional Woman
Ian Conningham
Zealous Applicant
Richard Styles
Hedgehog Applicant
Jo Hicks
Young Santa Woman
Nicky Evans
Scruffy Young Man (uncredited)
Ryan Kruger
Train thief (uncredited)
Did you know?
Damian favourite book is called "Six O'Clock Saints". Popular in the UK in the 1950s, it is surprising that any parent would give a copy to their child, as the screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce points out at 03:08 in the DVD commentary, since it contains all the gruesome stories that Damian tells in class, plus many more. Its inclusion is a sort of homage to Martin Scorsese, who, according to Boyce, has cited it in interviews as one of his favorite books growing up and that it gave him a wider understanding of the human experience than had been revealed to him as a child. Roger Ebert's 18 March 2005 review of the film, mentions that Boyce "got the inspiration for the screenplay from an interview in which Martin Scorsese said he was reading the lives of the saints."
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The scene between Damien and St. Peter was not in the original screenplay. Director Danny Boyle mentions at 46:03 in the DVD commentary that he suggested Frank Cottrell Boyce re-write the screenplay as a novel to which that scene was then added. When Boyle read the novel, he decided the scene needed to be in the film because of the emphasis that the saints' appearances had gained in rewrites of the original script, so the scene was re-written in script form and shot as a pickup.
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At 38:37 in the DVD commentary, Frank Cottrell Boyce says "On the nature of this heist, where the guys rush the train and raid the train and actually it turns out that that's not the robbery, it's just a distraction, just a way of planting someone in that 'house'. You came up with that idea from Northern Ireland." And Danny Boyle responds "That's right. I heard this story about the troops raiding streets in the Falls Road in Belfast. It was just a distraction in order to drop a couple of men in the attics of the houses for a couple of days, out of contact and just simply eavesdropping, and then they would raid the street again and take the men out and nobody knew that they'd been there."
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When they are covering the bedroom wall with pounds at 01:17:29 on the DVD, Dorothy is wearing one of Mum's dresses (disclosed as such in "Duffel and Wallpaper" in the deleted scenes of the DVD). However, the same dress is also used as a curtain for Damian's cardboard fort (shown when "the man" is examining it at 29:20 on the DVD).
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In the credits, "Brazil" songwriter Ary Barroso is spelled "Aro Barrosa".
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Though the film is set around the Christmas holiday, several shots show verdant foliage only likely to be seen in summer. Director Danny Boyle explains the season difference at 30:44 in the DVD commentary and says he was told it looks more like Umbria (the Green Heart of Italy) than Manchester.
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Headteacher: Would you like to tell us why you did it Anthony?
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Anthony: What did you bring a thousand pounds to school for? Can't you see that's suspicious?
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Damian Cunningham: I thought it was from God... who else would have that kind of money?
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Is Millions based on abook?
During the period Frank Cottrell Boyce wrote the screenplay for "Millions" he decided to write it to book format.
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