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106 min | Australia:105 min (edited version) | Denmark:101 min (edited version)
Crime | Mystery | Thriller
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Renny Harlin
2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-05-13
Filming Locations: Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Budget: $27,000,000
Opening Weekend: $1,911,358 (USA) (15 May 2005)
Gross: $4,480,744 (USA) (17 July 2005)
Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.
Eion Bailey
Eion Bailey
Will Kemp
Rafe Perry
Val Kilmer
Jake Harris
Jonny Lee Miller
Lucas Harper
Kathryn Morris
Sara Moore
Christian Slater
J.D. Reston
LL Cool J
Gabe Jensen
Patricia Velasquez
Nicole Willis
Cassandra Bell
Daniël Boissevain
Second Man in the Bar
Antonie Kamerling
Man in the Bar (as Anthone Kamerling)
Jasmine Sendar
Friend of Jen
Trevor White
Did you know?
The janitor's room at the Haagse Hogeschool was converted into an FBI instructor's office for the character played by Val Kilmer, with vintage old brown furniture, dark green lamp shades and old boxes as filing cabinets. This scene was ultimately cut from the theatrical release of the film.
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Shot entirely in the Netherlands, the production went to great lengths to find a malevolent and potentially dangerous ghetto for certain sequences.
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The water title sequence at the start of the film was not originally filmed as the title sequence but as a flash back later in the film. After production was completed Renny Harlin re-edited the film numerous times, and the water flash back sequence was changed to a title sequence.
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Towards the end of the movie, Sara and Gabe are standing on the beach as the helicopter approaches. It can be seen that they are standing very close to the water. In the next shot from the opposite side, they are suddenly standing at a considerable distance from the water.
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Towards the end, when Vince is in the elevator, his gun once again switches between being a Glock and a Beretta. His gun actually should be the Glock.
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When the team enters the main building on the island for the first time there is an overhead shot in which an entire sound crew holding a boom mic is visible on a balcony in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
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Lucas: When I was a kid I lost both my parents. Freak thing, ten years old- BANG. - mortality. So I grew up livin' real hard; racing cars, smoking, drinking, sleeping with any girl I could find... Real stupid, dangerous lifestyle... then I turned eleven
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J.D.: Ah, Harris, I will solve whatever sick, twisted crime scenario you come up with.
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Rafe: Did he just pull that gun out of his ass?
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Why did Vince Sherman's gun keep switching from a Baretta 92F to a Glock 17?
Because this movie was very poorly edited. It is possible that there was significant amount of re-shooting done and for whatever reason, the prop gun used from the original shooting was no longer available, or nobody noticed that the gun was different for the re-shoots.
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Clifton Collins Jr. Eion Bailey