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Mortal Kombat: Legacy

10 min (approx.)
Action | Crime | Fantasy | Thriller
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1 win & 3 nominations
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Jeri Ryan
Jeri Ryan
Mortal Kombat: Legacy
Casper Van Dien
Johnny Cage
Ian Anthony Dale
Hanzo Hasashi
Samantha Jo
Kim Do Nguyen
Dan Southworth
Johnson Phan
Shang Tsung
Mark Dacascos
Kung Lao
Eric Jacobus
Kurtis Stryker
Eric Steinberg
David Lee McInnis
Michelle Lee
Darren Shahlavi
Andrew Chin
Maurissa Tancharoen
Kana (3 episodes, 2011-2013)
Brian Tee
Liu Kang
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Shang Tsung
David Kim
Lin Kuei Clansman / ... (3 episodes, 2013)
Aleks Paunovic
Shao Kahn
Michael Jai White
Major Jackson 'Jax' Briggs
Kevan Ohtsji
Narrator / ... (2 episodes, 2011)
Jolene Tran
Kirby Morrow
King Jerrod
Brandon Nomura
Jubei (2 episodes, 2011)
Tahmoh Penikett
Lt. Kurtis Stryker
Serge Houde
Doctor (2 episodes, 2011)
Michael Rogers
Quan Chi
Shaun Balbar
Technician #2 (2 episodes, 2011)
Karin Inghammar
Narrator (2 episodes, 2011)
Victor Kimura
Samurai (2 episodes, 2011)
Matt Reimer
Yoko Tatara
Japanese Translator (2 episodes, 2011)
Brett Chan
Aaron Hutchinson
Edenian Knight #1 (2 episodes, 2011)
Lani Gelera
Edenian Woman (2 episodes, 2011)
Phillip Mitchell
Colin Decker
Edenian #1 (2 episodes, 2011)
Lee Henderson
Black Dragon
Eli Zagoudakis
Edenian #2 (2 episodes, 2011)
Don Lew
Tarkatan Warrior (2 episodes, 2011)
Harry Shum Jr.
Kuai Liang
Ethan Josh Lee
Forrest Wheeler
Young Kuai Liang
Masami Kosaka
Hanzo's Father (2 episodes, 2013)
Jonathan Erickson Eisley
Armed Gunman #1 / ... (2 episodes, 2013)
Bryan Thompson
Armed Gunman #2 / ... (2 episodes, 2013)
Jon Komp Shin
Shirai Ryu / ... (2 episodes, 2013)
Did you know?
Michael Jai White, Jeri Ryan, Ian Anthony Dale and Matt Mullins were the only actors from Mortal Kombat: Rebirth (2010) to reprise their roles in season 1 and return in season 2.
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Filmed from 7 February to 3 March 2011 in Vancouver for Season 1.
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Filmed from 28 November to 14 December 2012 in Los Angeles for Season 2.
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What are the differences between the censored YouTube Version and the Uncensored Version?
Mortal Kombat Legacy is a webseries based upon Mortal Kombat: Rebirth - a pitch for a new Mortal Kombat movie, which was rejected by Warner Brothers. After being rejected, the makers of the pitch uploaded the video to YouTube on the 8th of June 2010. The feedback from the pitch was so big, that Warner Brothers changed their decision in a certain way. They hired the makers of the pitch to do a Webseries that should function as a prequel to the upcoming reboot of the Mortal Komabt videogame franchise.As common for anything regarding Mortal Kombat, there was a lot of violence shown. Too much violence for YouTube, who - according to the hosting channel - blocked it on the site after receiving flags from their users and thought it was inappropriate material. A censored version of the episode was uploaded shortly after. stated that there was only one (1) scene, that was censored: the eyeball removal after Kano got punched by Jax. But it wasn't the only scene that had been censored. Three (3) other short scenes were removed as well. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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