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94 min | UK:90 min
IMDB rate:
3 wins & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2013-01-25
Filming Locations: New York City, New York, USA
Budget: $6,000,000
Opening Weekend: $4,805,878 (USA) (27 January 2013)
Gross: $8,828,771 (USA) (10 March 2013)
Leslie Bibb
Leslie Bibb
Movie 43
Jimmy Bennett
Jimmy Bennett
Movie 43
Dennis Quaid
Charlie Wessler (segment "The Pitch")
Greg Kinnear
Griffin Schraeder (segment "The Pitch")
Bob Mone (segment "The Pitch")
Charlie Saxton
Jay (segment "The Pitch")
Odessa Rae
Danita (segment "The Pitch")
Seth MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane (segment "The Pitch")
Mike Meldman
Mike Meldman (segment "The Pitch")
Hugh Jackman
Davis (segment "The Catch")
Kate Winslet
Beth (segment "The Catch")
Julie Claire
Pamela (segment "The Catch")
Katie Finneran
Angie (segment "The Catch")
Roy Jenkins
Ray (segment "The Catch")
Anna Madigan
Abby (segment "The Catch")
Jeremy Allen White
Kevin (segment "Homeschooled")
Liev Schreiber
Robert (segment "Homeschooled")
Naomi Watts
Samantha (segment "Homeschooled")
Alex Cranmer
Sean (segment "Homeschooled")
Julie Ann Emery
Clare (segment "Homeschooled")
Austin Cope
High School Student (segment "Homeschooled")
Anna Faris
Vanessa (segment "The Proposition")
Chris Pratt
Jason (segment "The Proposition")
J.B. Smoove
Larry (segment "The Proposition")
Jarrad Paul
Bill (segment "The Proposition")
Maria Arcé
Christine (segment "The Proposition")
Aaron LaPlante
Friend (segment "The Proposition")
Kieran Culkin
Neil (segment "Veronica")
Arthur French
Old Man (segment "Veronica")
Josh Shuman
Short Guy (segment "Veronica")
Cathy Cliften
iBabe #1 (segment "iBabe")
Cherina Monteniques Scott
iBabe #2 (segment "iBabe")
Richard Gere
Boss (segment "iBabe")
Kate Bosworth
Arlene (segment "iBabe")
Jack McBrayer
Brian (segment "iBabe")
Aasif Mandvi
Robert (segment "iBabe")
Zach Lasry
Boy (segment "iBabe")
Darby Lynn Totten
Woman (segment "iBabe")
Marc Ambrose
Chappy (segment "iBabe")
Justin Long
Fake Robin (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Jason Sudeikis
Fake Batman (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Bobby Cannavale
Superman (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Kristen Bell
Fake Supergirl (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
John Hodgman
Penguin (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Will Carlough
Riddler (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Katrina Bowden
Stacey (segment "Super Hero Speed Dating")
Phil Crowley
Narrator (segment "Machine Kids")
Ed Blythe
Vending Machine Man (segment "Machine Kids")
Olivia Roberts Payne
Vending Machine Child (segment "Machine Kids")
Monique Delee
Vending Machine Child (segment "Machine Kids")
Julie McNiven
ATM Woman (segment "Machine Kids")
Jaron Henrie-McCrea
ATM Man (segment "Machine Kids")
Sebastian Banes
ATM Child (segment "Machine Kids")
Severyn Banes
ATM Child (segment "Machine Kids")
Rightor Doyle
Photocopier Man 1 (segment "Machine Kids")
Raven Burnett
Photocopier Man 2 (segment "Machine Kids")
Montana Byrne
Photocopier Child (segment "Machine Kids")
Jarrett Carter
Photocopier Child (segment "Machine Kids")
Phillip Michaels
Photocopier Child (segment "Machine Kids")
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Mikey (segment "Middleschool Date")
Patrick Warburton
Dad (segment "Middleschool Date")
Matt Walsh
Amanda's Dad (segment "Middleschool Date")
Coleen Hoffman
Blonde Woman (segment "Tampax")
Elbe Van Der Merwe
Brunette Woman (segment "Tampax")
Gerard Butler
Leprechaun 1 & 2 (segment "Happy Birthday")
Seann William Scott
Brian (segment "Happy Birthday")
Johnny Knoxville
Pete (segment "Happy Birthday")
Esti Ginzburg
Fairy (segment "Happy Birthday")
Halle Berry
Emily (segment "Truth or Dare")
Stephen Merchant
Donald (segment "Truth or Dare")
Sayed Badreya
Large Man (segment "Truth or Dare")
Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi
Snooki (segment "Truth or Dare")
Caryl West
Waitress (segment "Truth or Dare") (as Caryl Lippman West)
Ricki Lander
Nurse Elizabeth (segment "Truth or Dare") (as Ricki Noel Lander)
Paloma Felisberto Bilson
Bachelorette Party Girl (segment "Truth or Dare") (as Paloma Felisberto)
Jasper Grey
Patron (segment "Truth or Dare")
Benny Harris
Blanco the Bartender (segment "Truth or Dare") (as Ben Harris)
Zen Gesner
Stripper (segment "Truth or Dare")
Terrence Howard
Coach Jackson (segment "Victory's Glory")
Aaron Jennings
Anthony (segment "Victory's Glory")
Jared Dudley
Moses (segment "Victory's Glory")
Corey Brewer
Wallace (segment "Victory's Glory") (as Corey Wayne Brewer)
Larry Eugene Sanders II
Bishop (segment "Victory's Glory")
Jay Ellis
Lucious (segment "Victory's Glory")
Brian Flaccus
White Guy 1 (segment "Victory's Glory")
Brett Davern
White Guy 2 (segment "Victory's Glory")
Evan Dumouchel
White Guy 3 (segment "Victory's Glory")
Sean Rosales
White Guy 4 (segment "Victory's Glory")
Logan Holladay
White Guy 5 (segment "Victory's Glory")
Mandy Kowalski
Cheerleader (segment "Victory's Glory")
Eric Stuart
Narrator (segment "Victory's Glory")
Josh Duhamel
Anson (segment "Beezel")
Emily Alyn Lind
Birthday Girl (segment "Beezel")
Michelle Gunn
Mommy (segment "Beezel")
Christina Linhardt
Party Clown (segment "Beezel")
Greg Oliver Bodine
R&D Guy (uncredited)
Adam Cagley
JJ (uncredited)
Liz Carey
Sitara (uncredited)
Bronwyn Cornelius
Hot Mom (uncredited)
Devin Eash
Nate Hartley
Stevie Schraeder (segment "The Thread")
James Hsu
Chinese Gangster (segment "The Thread") (uncredited)
Sara Kessler
Cheerleader (segment "Victory's Glory") (uncredited)
Christopher Kirby
Martin Klebba
Killer Chaun (uncredited)
Kurt Leitner
Sespin Pratt (uncredited)
Beth Littleford
Mrs. Cutler (uncredited)
Michael Marrio
Benched Basketball Player 1
Eddie Napolillo
Large Man's Friend (segment "Truth or Dare") (uncredited)
Vincent Ortega
iBabe (uncredited)
George Paez
Carlos the Waiter (uncredited)
Victor Pagan
Creepy Meat Fundler (uncredited)
Hash Patel
Restaurant patron (uncredited)
Martin Pfefferkorn
Biker in Bodega (Veronica) (uncredited)
Tony Shalhoub
Dad (segment "Find Our Daughter") (uncredited)
Davi Shane
Singing Busboy (segment "Truth Or Dare") (uncredited)
Nicole Joy Tan
Reporter (uncredited)
Mark L. Young
Calvin (uncredited)
Did you know?
Colin Farrell was originally cast as The Leprechaun.
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Anton Yelchin originally played a necrophiliac, in a segment called The Apprentice, directed by Steve Baker and Damon Escott. The segment was removed due to the highly offensive subject matter.
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George Clooney turned down a cameo as himself in a segment where he would be shown to be bad at picking up women. His response, reportedly, was "No fucking way"
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Throughout the skit, "The Proposition", Anna Faris's character is called Julie and Chris Pratt's character is called Doug. In the credits, they are called Vanessa and Jason.
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Neil: How's your acid reflux?
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Fake Robin: Wait, let me get this straight. So you knew all the way back then? You knew that she was a dude?
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Veronica: Neil.
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What short films are featured in Movie 43?
How many different versions do exist of this movie?
The situation concerning the different movie versions is as unconventional as the movie. Educated guesses have to be made about the reasons for this because it was never openly discussed in interviews or movie reviews. However, it is a fact the frame plot holding the stories together is completely different outside of the US. Whereas viewers in Europe and elsewhere can watch three youths searching for an especially shocking videoclip, the US Version features the story of an unsuccessful writer trying to pitch his ideas. The home cinema releases bring another movie cut into play: the extended version of the international version. To make things even more complicated the British Blu-ray contains only the Extended International Version (without a hint on the cover) PLUS an "Alternate Cut", which is the US Theatrical Version. The US Blu-ray: The "Outrageous Edition" contains the US Theatrical Version without any extensions and an "Alternate Cut", advertised as "the version not shown in theaters". Guess what it is? Right, the Extended International Version. The regular International Version hasn't been released yet and therefore only a comparison between the US Theatrical Version and the Extended International Version with pictures can be found here.
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