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Mr Selfridge

45 min (approx.)
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Nominated for Primetime Emmy.
Country: UK
Release Date: 2013-01-06
Filming Locations: Neasden, London, England, UK
Grégory Fitoussi
Grégory Fitoussi
Mr Selfridge
John Sessions
John Sessions
Mr Selfridge
Katherine Kelly
Katherine Kelly
Mr Selfridge
Oliver Farnworth
Oliver Farnworth
Mr Selfridge
Raffey Cassidy
Raffey Cassidy
Mr Selfridge
Ron Cook
Mr. Crabb
Amy Beth Hayes
Kitty Hawkins
Tom Goodman-Hill
Mr. Grove
Trystan Gravelle
Victor Colleano
Jeremy Piven
Harry Selfridge
Amanda Abbington
Miss Mardle
Samuel West
Frank Edwards
Aisling Loftus
Agnes Towler
Malcolm Rennie
Frances O'Connor
Rose Selfridge
Calum Callaghan
George Towler
Greg Austin
Gordon Selfridge
Lee Moulds
Sales Assistant (20 episodes, 2013-2014)
Alexandra Hind
Mary (shop assistant) (19 episodes, 2013-2014)
Lauren Crace
Kika Markham
Lois Selfridge
Deborah Cornelius
Miss Blenkinsop
Sai Bennett
Jessie Pertree
Amy Morgan
Grace Calthorpe
Aidan McArdle
Lord Loxley
Sadie Shimmin
Miss Plunkett
Poppy Lee Friar
Rosalie Selfridge
Cal Macaninch
Mr. Thackeray
Did you know?
When Rose Selfridge meets Roderick Temple at the National Gallery, she fibs and tells him her last name is Buckingham. In fact, the real Rosalie Selfridge was named Buckingham before her marriage to Harry Gordon Selfridge. The Buckingham family was a very prominent one in Rosalie's native Chicago, and relatives of Rosalie gave the funds for the enormous Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, which is still one of Chicago's best-known public landmarks.
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When Mr Selfridge says "nice hat son" to Gordon in season one, the actual line was meant to be "nice Toby son" but the young actor didn't get the reference and so the dialogue was changed.
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Union Flag of Great Britain
Why Oh! why do the people who produce these TV series not check that the details are correct before they go to screening?. The Union flag is upside down in the trailers.
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Grégory Fitoussi John Sessions Katherine Kelly Oliver Farnworth Raffey Cassidy