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Murdoch Mysteries

48 min (approx.)
Crime | Drama | Mystery
IMDB rate:
4 wins & 38 nominations
Country: Canada
Filming Locations: Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Debra McCabe
Debra McCabe
Murdoch Mysteries
Tricia Braun
Tricia Braun
Murdoch Mysteries
Yannick Bisson
Detective William Murdoch
Thomas Craig
Inspector Thomas Brackenreid
Helene Joy
Dr. Julia Ogden
Jonny Harris
Constable George Crabtree
Lachlan Murdoch
Constable Henry Higgins
Georgina Reilly
Dr. Emily Grace
Did you know?
In the series Inspector Brackenreid says he is from Sheffield, England. In real life, Thomas Craig, who plays the inspector was actually born in Sheffield, England.
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Constable Crabtree has written a book, and Inspector Brackenreid asks for a signed copy. Crabtree opens the book, dips his pen in the ink well, signs the book, closes it without using a blotter and hands it to Inspector Brackenreid.
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Although the credit on each episode reads "Inspector William Murdoch", he is actually a Detective. In Episode 1.2 Murdoch applies for the position of Inspector, but is turned down and it is made clear that he will never get that promotion.
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