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Muscle Beach Party

94 min
Comedy | Musical
IMDB rate:
William Asher
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1964-03-25
Filming Locations: Paradise Cove - 28128 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, California, USA
Frankie Avalon
Annette Funicello
Dee Dee
John Ashley
Don Rickles
Jack Fanny
Peter Turgeon
Jody McCrea
Dick Dale
Candy Johnson
Peter Lupus
Flex Martian (as Rock Stevens)
Valora Noland
Delores Wells
Donna Loren
Morey Amsterdam
Stevie Wonder
Himself (as Little Stevie Wonder)
Buddy Hackett
S.Z. Matts
Bob Seven
Rock - Muscle Man
Larry Scott
Riff - Muscle Man
Steve Merjanian
Tug - Muscle Man
Chester Yorton
Sulk - Muscle Man
Dan Haggerty
Biff - Muscle Man
Gene Shuey
Mash - Muscle Man
Gordon Case
Clod - Muscle Man
Alberta Nelson
Lisa - Muscle Girl
Amadee Chabot
Flo - Muscle Girl
Duane Ament
Beach Boy
Gary Usher
Beach Boy
Guy Hemric
Beach Boy
Roger Christian
Beach Boy
Ashlyn Martin
Beach Girl (as Laura Lynn)
Luree Holmes
Beach Girl
Lorrie Summers
Beach Girl (as Lorie Summers)
Darlene Lucht
Beach Girl
Maureen O'Connor
Beach Girl
Mike Diffenderfer
Surfer Boy
Michael Nader
Surfer Boy (as Mike Nader)
Ed Garner
Surfer Boy
Charles Hasley
Surfer Boy
Mickey Dora
Surfer Boy
Johnny Fain
Surfer Boy (as John Fain)
Bill Graham
Surfer Boy
Larry Shaw
Surfer Boy
Duane King
Surfer Boy
Charles Van Artsdalen
Surfer Boy
Linda Bent
Surfer Girl (as Linda Opie)
Salli Sachse
Surfer Girl
Patricia Rane
Surfer Girl
Kathy Kessler
Surfer Girl
Mary Hughes
Surfer Girl
Linda Benson
Surfer Girl
Peter Lorre
Mr. Strangdour
The Del-Tones
Bill Kazmeier
Body builder (uncredited)
Did you know?
During the fight scene there is a shot of one of the muscle girls hitting a surfer in the stomach twice, accompanied by a bass drum BOOM BOOM sound. That shot is used 11-1/2 times throughout the sequence - 10 times uninterrupted, the 11th is stopped by Peter Lorre's shout (for 10-1/2), and then one more complete shot after he leaves.
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Mary Hughes's film debut.
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This film was released in theaters only 2 days after cast member Peter Lorre died.
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During the fight scene, one of the surfer dudes manages to knock a muscle guy through a wall in front of a yellow surfboard and red-topped table. When Candy starts dancing, the second guy she "bumps" goes through that same, now undamaged, wall in front of the same yellow surfboard and red-topped table.
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A helicopter is hovering over the beach. It is shown equipped with pontoons but its shadow clearly and repeatedly shows a helicopter with metal rails for landing gear.
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Frankie refers to the "people for people" line directly after the scene in which it is said. However, he had already left that scene entirely by the time it was said and couldn't have heard it.
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Julie: [after being introduced to Flex Martian] You are so strong!
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Theodore: [Seeing kids dancing and partying] Good heavens, where are the mothers of America?
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Julie: [signalling to the chopper pilot to land on the beach] Lower! Go lower!
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Photos from cast
Luciana Paluzzi