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My Fellow Americans

101 min
Adventure | Comedy
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Peter Segal
Country: USA
Release Date: 1996-12-20
Filming Locations: Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA
Budget: $21,500,000
Opening Weekend: $2,860,334 (USA) (22 December 1996)
Gross: $22,294,341 (USA) (16 March 1997)
Marg Helgenberger
Marg Helgenberger
My Fellow Americans
Scott Hoxby
Scott Hoxby
My Fellow Americans
Jack Lemmon
President Russell P. Kramer
James Garner
President Matt Douglas
Dan Aykroyd
President William Haney
John Heard
Vice President Ted Matthews
Wilford Brimley
Joe Hollis
Lauren Bacall
Margaret Kramer
Sela Ward
Kaye Griffin
Everett McGill
Col. Paul Tanner
Bradley Whitford
Carl Witnaur
James Rebhorn
Charlie Reynolds
Esther Rolle
Conchata Ferrell
Woman Truck Driver
Jack Kehler
Connie Ray
Tom Everett
NSA Agent Wilkerson
Mark Lowenthal
NSA Agent Caldwell
Jeff Yagher
Edwin Newman
Lynn Clark
Chrissy Kramer
Leigh Rose
Katherine Douglas
Mihoko Tokoro
Japanese Singer
Ken Enomoto
Hiroshi Ashino
Gunnar Peterson
Scott Burkholder
Wayne Duvall
Jack Garner
President Haney's Caddy
Gene Bolande
Injured Golf Spectator
Francesca Rollins
Reporter #1
Paul Feig
Reporter #2
Cathy Ladman
Reynolds' Secretary
Tom Wright
Dana Gould
Sandwich Guy at Book Convention
Jonathan Osser
Kramer's Grandson
Mitch Braswell
Marine One Pilot
E. Arthur Booth
Marine One Co-Pilot
Steve Carlisle
Man in Train Station Bathroom
Todd McDurmont
Madison Wellington
David 'Skippy' Malloy
Jennifer Leigh Jones
Rob Roy Fitzgerald
Jennifer Austin
Marilyn Monroe
Bobby Bass
NSA Hitman #1
Steven Chambers
NSA Hitman #2
Jimmy Nickerson
NSA Hitman #3
Cara Gooden
Truck Stop Girl
Matthew R. Zboyovski
Truck Stop Boy
Michael Peña
Alex Joganic
Ocie Pouncie
Man in Diner
Neva Howell
Charlene, Budget Agent
Sheri Mann Stewart
Sandy, Budget Agent
Pete Penuel
Man in Parade
John O'Leary
Ben, Caretaker
Leighanne Littrell
Witnaur's Girlfriend
Rick Hall
U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officer
Eric Siegel
President Haney's Aide
Ann Cusack
White House Tour Guide
Jean Speegle Howard
Asthmatic Woman on Tour
Dorothy Lucey
News Anchor
Jeff Mandon
Secret Service Agent
James D. Bissell
Secret Service Agent
Shawn D. Woodyard
Secret Service Agent
Stephen Wedan
Mounted Policeman #1
Tom Sean Foley
Mounted Policeman #2
Michael Russo
White House Sharpshooter
Christopher Kriesa
Agent Kopeck
William Kerr
Vice President Matthews' Make-Up Man
Peter Segal
TV Technician
Tory Christopher
Campaign Aid (uncredited)
C. Michael Haynes
Jan Jackson
Lady in Train
Jesse G. Martin
Specialty performer
Jennifer L. Ray
Funeral mourner (uncredited)
Steph Robinson
Tarheel Fan
Sam P. Whitehead
Rude Waiter
Did you know?
Wilford Brimley plays the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In real life, Brimley is a Republican and campaigned for John McCain for President in 2008.
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Lauren Bacall only has 11 lines in this film.
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At the Russell P. Kramer Presidential Library in Ohio, there is a life size cutout of President Kramer in a U.S. Naval officer's uniform. Jack Lemmon really served in the U.S. Navy during World War II
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When presidents Kramer and Douglas walk into the rental-car office in West Virginia, there is a Wachovia bank branch across the street behind them. Wachovia does not have branches in West Virginia.
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When the presidents escape through the secret door the TV seems to turn itself off between shots.
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In the shooting scene in the car, President Douglas is given a summons from his ex wife. He reads it and throws it on the floorboard of the car. When he leaves the car, he leaves the summons, which would have identified him as being in the murder car.
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Russell Kramer: When you were in the White House, who was the person you were most excited to meet?
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Matt Douglas: [Presidents Douglas and Kramer lead a White House tour as fast as possible in order to get to the Oval Office in time] Okay, this is the Green Room...
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Russell Kramer: It's a kick in the balls. Sorry, sweetheart.
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Marg Helgenberger Scott Hoxby
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