Mystery!: Cadfael
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Mystery!: Cadfael

75 min (13 episodes)
Crime | Drama | Mystery
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Sebastian Graham Jones
Country: UK
Release Date: 1995-01-12
Filming Locations: Budapest, Hungary
Sean Pertwee
Sean Pertwee
Mystery!: Cadfael
Ronan Vibert
Ronan Vibert
Mystery!: Cadfael
Derek Jacobi
Brother Cadfael
Michael Culver
Prior Robert
Julian Firth
Brother Jerome
Terrence Hardiman
Abbot Radulfus
Mark Charnock
Brother Oswin
Albie Woodington
Sergeant Warden
Did you know?
Several of the names and occupations of the monks in the series are actually from a record book from the Abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul in Shrewsbury, England. Some of these include Cadfael, Robert, Jerome, and Heribut.
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Cadfael's name is normally pronounced "cad - fie - el". In the Welsh language, an "f'"is pronounced as a "v". The correct pronunciation of his name is "cad - vay - el"
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Brother Oswin, the novice and Cadfael's apprentice, has a much larger role in the television series than in the books. In the books he does not appear until the middle of the series. He largely takes the place of Brother Mark, who left the Abbey to run the leper house at St. Giles. Mark can be seen in "The Leper of St. Giles". In "The Virgin in The Ice" Brother Elyas was the brother accused of the rape and murder of Sister Hilaria, not Oswin.
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