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Mystery Science Theater 3000

97 min (199 episodes)
Comedy | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. Another 1 win & 12 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1993-07-13
Filming Locations: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Kevin Murphy
Tom Servo
Trace Beaulieu
Crow T. Robot
Jim Mallon
Michael J. Nelson
Mike Nelson
Mary Jo Pehl
Magic Voice / ... (117 episodes, 1992-1999)
Frank Conniff
TV's Frank
Joel Hodgson
Joel Robinson
Did you know?
Joel Hodgson revealed in an interview that he considered pitching the series to Jerry Seinfeld for him to host. However, he was busy with his own series Seinfeld (1989).
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The black synthesizer guitar Joel uses during the skit segments in several episodes is a Casio DG-1.
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Kevin Murphy has stated that for every film used, about ten to twenty were screened and rejected. This means from just over 200 episodes, nearly 2,000 films were watched by the writing staff to find "suitable" films for use in the show.
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For several seasons two torches appear in the "hallway" as the camera enters and exits the "theater". Their changing direction of flickering demonstrates the entries and exits are the same shot run forward and backward.
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In many episodes, you can hear the 'bots and the host turning the pages as they go through their scripts.
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J. Elvis Weinstein's head is visible as he operates Tom Servo in the season two intro.
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How come the DVDs aren't releasing the episodes in order?
It's because of the copyright issues for the movies featured on the show. When movies were featured on the MST3K during its original broadcast, Best Brains (the production company that made the series) would negotiate the terms in which they were allowed to use each movie. Generally they were allowed the complete rights to show the movie on TV but they didn't always get the rights to release the movie on video. Since the idea of releasing the entire series on home video didn't seem very likely during the days of VHS, this was not a major concern for Best Brains. It wasn't until the advent of DVD that the idea of relasing all of MST3K on home video even seemed viable. Today, Shout Factory, who releases MST3K on DVD, has to renegotiate the rights to each movie with the copyright holders of the original film and pay them a license fee. Some episodes may have license terms that are too expensive or simply unavailable for Shout Factory to purchase, and this makes releasing MST3K in order nearly impossible.
What are those "other science facts"?
Why is Tom Servo's head not transparent in the theater? Crow and Servo are represented by black models in the theater shots.What do those three lights in the bridge indicate? The red light indicates that the Mads are calling, the blue light that a visitor is communicating via the "Hexfield Viewscreen", and the yellow light indicates "Commercial Sign". All three lights flashing is a "Movie Sign".Why does Crow face away from the screen? He doesn't, he faces the screen but as your TV shows a 2-D image one can mistake it for showing him facing backwards.Why does Joel/Mike go into the theatre? Episode 2.07 says that the Mads shut off the air supply to the rest of the ship while the movies are playing.Why is the Satellite of Love so called? It's named after a Lou Reed song. An early draft of the MST3k movie script gives its original name as the Stationary Orbital Laboratory.Why is the Satellite of Love shaped like a giant bone? To give the Demon Dogs a reason to attack it in episode 1.02. It's a spoof of the famous jump cut in 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY, where an ape throws a bone into the sky which suddenly changes to a satellite orbiting the Earth.How does Joel/Mike eat and breathe? At one point it's mentioned that Dr. Forrester intended the SoL to last for 10 years, so presumably it's well-stocked with food and oxygen.
Why did Joel leave the show?
At the time of Joel Hodgson's departure, he cited burnout and a desire to move on to other endeavors and stated that his departure was amicable. After the show's cancellation, Hodgson, in an interview with The Sound of Young America, said that the real reason for his departure was growing animosity between himself and partner Jim Mallon about the future of the show. Hodgson was fearful that, were he to have stayed with the show, it would have resulted in backstage factions forming that would have resulted in the series' ending prematurely. Hodgson instead chose to sell the rights and allow the show to continue without him rather than see it end.Onscreen, the character left because... In episode 512- "Mitchell", Joel's last episode as the show's official host, Mike is hired as a temp by Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank because Deep 13 is being audited. Eventually they grow tired of Mike and plan to kill him, which Gypsy overhears and thinks they are talking about Joel. She believes the only way to save Joel is to get him off the Satellite of Love, so she seeks the help of Mike, who discovers that the SOL has an escape pod hidden in a crate marked "hamdingers". After the movie ends and during the closing host segment, Gypsy forces Joel into the escape pod, and after a short goodbye via the Hexfield Viewscreen (and after Joel presenting the bots with a memorial plaque) Joel is shot back to earth and lands in the Australian Outback. Meanwhile, the Mads are furious that their long time test subject (Joel) has escaped and the experiment is ruined, that is until Mike shows up to get his time card signed. That's when the Mads find a solution to their problem. The experiment will continue! Mike is the new test subject and our new host!
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