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105 min
Crime | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Joe Carnahan
1 win & 8 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-01-10
Filming Locations: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Budget: $7,500,000
Opening Weekend: $63,303 (USA) (22 December 2002)
Gross: $10,460,089 (USA) (16 March 2003)
Dan Leis
Elvin Dowd
Lloyd Adams
Walter Dandridge
Meagan Issa
Little Girl
Lina Giornofelice
Jeanine Mueller
Alan C. Peterson
Freeman Franks
Karen Robinson
Liz Detmer
Chi McBride
Captain Cheevers
Booth Savage
Cecil Mitchum
Alan Van Sprang
Michael Calvess
Gavyn Donaldson
Tellis' Infant Son
Myles Donaldson
Tellis' Infant Son
Krista Bridges
Audrey Tellis
Ray Liotta
Henry Oak
Thomas Patrice
Officer Marcotte
Garry Robbins
Lilette Wiens
Strung Out Woman
Omar Samuels
Crackhead Junkie
Mauricio Rodas
Strung Out Man
Darren John
Drug Dealer
Steve Hunt
Porn Shop Dude
Paulino Nunes
Officer Ellis Breaves
Marilo Nunez
Ruiz' Smoldering Squeeze
John Ortiz
Octavio Ruiz
Tony De Santis
Medical Examiner Art Harlan (as Tony DeSantis)
Carson Durven
Leonard 'Leo Lee' Leflore
Donna Croce
Oak's Wife
Kevin Rushton
Meth Dealer
Stacey Farber
Young Kathryn
Anne Openshaw
Kathryn Calvess
Mallory Mahoney
Calvess' Daughter
Carly Marie Alves
Lilian Rose Calvess
Bishop Brigante
Eugene 'Deacon' Sheps
Busta Rhymes
Darnell 'Big D Love' Beery
Richard Chevolleau
Latroy Steeds
Paul Puzzella
Street punk (uncredited)
Ken Rudulph
Cop (uncredited)
Bradley Sawatzky
Cop (uncredited)
Did you know?
Alec Baldwin was once considered for the character of Detective-Lieutenant Henry Oaks.
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Harrison Ford showed a lot of interest in playing Henry Oak but bowed out not too long after.
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Tom Cruise was so impressed after seeing the movie that he took on the role of executive producer, and made sure the movie got a wider release than originally planned. He also convinced director Joe Carnahan to take the director's chair for Cruise's upcoming Mission: Impossible III (2006). However, not long after production started, Carnahan left the set due to creative differences with Cruise.
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When Lt. Henry Oak is first seen, his jacket is off, revealing his shoulder holster rig. He is carrying a .357 magnum revolver, but the holster rig is made for a semiautomatic. The strap on the side opposite the pistol contains a case for a semiautomatic magazine.
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The word "SENSITIVITY" is misspelled on the tape-recorder in the last scene of the movie.
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Nick Tellis breaks open the window of the car to get in even though it is clear that the doors are unlocked.
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Nick Tellis: Now, fucking Coolio tried to blow my head off.
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Henry Oak: You two had better get a goddamn grove going right here, 'cause you're in a life and death struggle as of right fucking now!
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Henry Oak: What, are the brothers throwing a coup?
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Jason Patric