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Night Creatures

82 min
Adventure | Drama | Horror | Mystery
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Peter Graham Scott
Country: UK
Release Date: 1962-06-13
Filming Locations: Bray Studios, Down Place, Oakley Green, Berkshire, England, UK
Peter Cushing
Rev. Dr. Blyss
Yvonne Romain
Imogene - serving wench
Patrick Allen
Captain Collier
Michael Ripper
Jeremiah Mipps (coffinmaker)
Martin Benson
Mr. Rash (innkeeper)
David Lodge
Navy Bosun
Derek Francis
Squire Anthony Cobtree
Daphne Anderson
Mrs. Rash
Milton Reid
Jack MacGowran
Frightened Man
Peter Halliday
1st Sailor Jack Pott
Terry Scully
2nd Sailor Dick Tate
Sydney Bromley
Old Tom Ketch
Rupert Osborne
Gerry (as Rupert Osborn)
Gordon Rollings
Bob Head
Colin Douglas
Pirate Bosun
Gerry Crampton
Tattooed Sailor (uncredited)
Harold Gee
Fiddler (uncredited)
Fred Wood
Parishoner (uncredited)
Did you know?
The film was based on Russell Thorndike's "Doctor Syn - A Tale of Romney Marsh," but Dr. Syn's name was changed to Blyss to avoid legal problems with Walt Disney, who claimed exclusive rights to Thorndike's stories.
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Hammer was originally due to film "I Am Legend" (the Richard Matheson novel) under the title "Night Creatures", but this was abandoned when the BBFC informed them that they would not pass the film. As Hammer had promised the U.S distributors a film called "Night Creatures" the title was passed on to the already completed Night Creatures (1962) instead.
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The film takes place in 1776 and 1792.
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The tavern scenes feature a modern violin.
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When Dr. Blyss enters the church with Harry towards the end of the movie, he throws his mask onto the ground, yet almost immediately when Mr. Mipps enters the church with Imogene, the mask isn't there anymore.
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Why is the main character Reverend Blyss, and not Dr Syn?
At the time, Disney was planning a film based on the same story. To avoid legal disputes, Hammer changed the name of the central character to Reverend Blyss, rather than Dr Syn, as in the original novel.
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