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117 min
Crime | Drama | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Dan Gilroy
Nominated for Oscar. Another 38 wins & 65 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2014-10-31
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $8,500,000
Opening Weekend: $10,900,000 (USA) (1 November 2014)
Gross: $32,279,955 (USA) (25 January 2015)
Rene Russo
Rene Russo
Riz Ahmed
Riz Ahmed
Jake Gyllenhaal
Louis Bloom
Michael Papajohn
Security Guard
Marco Rodríguez
Scrapyard Owner
Bill Paxton
Joe Loder
James Huang
Marcus Mayhem Video
Kent Shocknek
Kent Shocknek
Pat Harvey
Pat Harvey
Sharon Tay
Sharon Tay
Rick Garcia
Rick Garcia
Leah Fredkin
Female Anchor
Bill Seward
Bill Seward
Rick Chambers
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman
Holly Hannula
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays
Jonny Coyne
Pawn Shop Owner
Nick Chacon
Cop #1
Kevin Dunigan
Cop #2
Eric Lange
Ace Video Cameraman
Alex Ortiz Jr.
Cop #3
Carolyn Gilroy
Ann Cusack
Kiff VandenHeuvel
Christina de Leon
Barred Door Woman
Juan Fernandez
Reporter Ron De La Cruz
Dig Wayne
Myra Turley
Female Neighbor
Merritt Bailey
Lisa Remillard
Reporter Deena Rain
Jamie McShane
Freaked Motorist
Manuel Lujan
Technical Director
Michael Hyatt
Detective Fronteiri
Christopher Wolfe
Reporter Joel Beatty
Price Carson
Detective Lieberman
Bill Blair
Control Room Switcher (uncredited)
Aaron Bledsoe
Teenage Boy (uncredited)
Greg Caldwell
Paramedic #1 (uncredited)
Viviana Chavez
Desiree (uncredited)
Tyler Cole
Firefighter (uncredited)
Emily Dahm
DUI Girl (uncredited)
Chad Guerrero
Scratchface (uncredited)
Jason Heymann
Firefighter (uncredited)
David Dustin Kenyon
KWLA Employee (uncredited)
Anne McDaniels
LA Weather Girl (uncredited)
Austin Raishbrook
Stringer (uncredited)
Dale Shane
Paramedic (uncredited)
Damien Snow
Cop (uncredited)
Troy Williams
EMT (uncredited)
Adrian Winther
Firefighter (uncredited)
Kathleen York
Jackie (uncredited)
Did you know?
Riz Ahmed's favourite movie role after Four Lions.
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During the scene where Jake Gyllenhaal talks to himself in the mirror, Gyllenhaal got so into the scene that he punched the mirror. The mirror broke and ended up cutting Gyllenhaal's hand. He had to go to a hospital and get stitches. He returned to the set right after he got discharged from the hospital.
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The film's climax was filmed on Laurel Canyon Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley, only several blocks away from the location of the infamous North Hollywood Shootout.
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When Lou first approaches the "Horror House" in a closeup shot, a crew member is seen in the background ducking out of frame behind the back of the house.
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Prior to the Detectives arriving at Lou's apartment, there is a street view. Note that his red car is facing one direction. After the Detectives leave, Lou looks out the window. His car is now in the opposite direction.
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The day after Lou first encounters a car accident, the newscast reports the crash as taking place on the 110 freeway. However, Los Angeles residents would easily be able to notice that the crash is actually on the 105 freeway, near LAX.
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Lou Bloom: A friend is a gift you give yourself.
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Lou Bloom: Get out of your head, Rick, it's a bad neighborhood.
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Nina Romina: Friends don't pressure friends to sleep with them.
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How did Jake Gyllenhaal lose 20 pounds for his role as Lou Bloom?
In order to drop 20 pounds from his 180-pound frame, Gyllenhaal says: I would try to eat as few calories as possible. I knew if I was hungry that I was in the right spot. Physically, it showed itself, but mentally, I think it was even a more fascinating journey. I knew that [Lou] was literally and figuratively hungry, adding that he got into character by transitioning into a "mode where I was always a bit hungry." Gyllenhaal, however, says there was no special diet to shed pounds for Nightcrawler. On some nights during shooting, Gyllenhaal said he wouldn't eat at all, or he'd only take small bites of meat, crackers, or kale salad. To stay lean and fit, he would run 15 miles from his house to the film's set.
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