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97 min
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Romano Scavolini
Country: USA
Release Date: 1981-10-23
Filming Locations: Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA
Baird Stafford
George Tatum
Sharon Smith
Susan Temper
C.J. Cooke
C.J. Temper
Mik Cribben
Bob Rosen
Danny Ronan
Kathy the Babysitter
John L. Watkins
Man with Cigar (as John Watkins)
Bill Milling
Paul Williamson (as William Milling)
Scott Praetorius
Young George
William Kirksey
George's Father (as William S. Kirksey)
Christina Keefe
George's Mother
Tammy Patterson
Tammy Temper
Kim Patterson
Kim Temper
Kathleen Ferguson
William Paul
Tommy Bouvier
Candese Marchese
Candy, the Jogger (as Candy Marchese)
Geoffrey Marchese
Tony Walker
Michael Sweney
Burt Daniels
George Kruger
Chief Cotter
Ray Baker
Real Estate Agent
Lonnie Griffis
Gatsby's Singer
Tara Alexander
Woman in Booth
Miranda Stevens
Show World Dancer (as Danielle Galiana)
Carl Clifford
Hospital Attendant
David Massar
Hospital Attendant
Mary Lee Parise
Police Officer
Randy Arieux
Police Officer
Craig Cain
Police Officer
Mark Davis
Police Officer
Ken Thomas
Police Officer
Robert Tenvooren
Police Officer
Susan Webb
Police Officer
Frank Rothery
Police Officer
Scott Trotter
Police Officer
Kevin J. O'Neill
Did you know?
Came to attention of the British censors as a video nasty in the early 1980s mainly because of several gimmicks, which included providing a vomit bag with the video and a competition to guess the weight of a 'brain' in a jar.
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The film's original UK distributor was sent to prison for releasing an unapproved version.
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Banned as a Video Nasty in the UK during the 1980s.
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During the throat slashing scene near the beginning, blood does not gush out rapidly and nonstop as it should.
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During the scene when George is in the booth with Tara Alexander you can see in the reflection of the glass that he is holding the telephone receiver to his left ear, but when the camera is on him he is holding the receiver to his right ear.
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When the young man is smoking on the stair, he is only wearing his underpants, the scene then cuts to his girlfriend taking a shower, then we see him back on the stair, smoking, and then he is wearing a t-shirt too.
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What are the differences between the R-Rated and Unrated Version?
The ordinary slasher movie about a sick twisted serial killer has been released in two versions in the US: an R-Rated Version censored in violence and plot plus an uncensored Unrated Version. In the UK, only the R-Rated Version is available. Furthermore a less censored version by World Of Video 2000 was released on VHS but that release was banned and put on the list of "Video Nasties". A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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