No Country for Old Men
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No Country for Old Men

122 min
Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Ethan Coen
Won 4 Oscars. Another 159 wins & 88 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-11-21
Filming Locations: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Budget: $25,000,000
Opening Weekend: $1,226,333 (USA) (11 November 2007)
Gross: $74,273,505 (USA) (6 April 2008)
Tommy Lee Jones
Ed Tom Bell
Javier Bardem
Anton Chigurh
Josh Brolin
Llewelyn Moss
Woody Harrelson
Carson Wells
Kelly Macdonald
Carla Jean Moss
Garret Dillahunt
Tess Harper
Loretta Bell
Barry Corbin
Stephen Root
Man who hires Wells
Rodger Boyce
El Paso Sheriff
Beth Grant
Carla Jean's Mother
Ana Reeder
Poolside Woman
Kit Gwin
Sheriff Bell's Secretary
Zach Hopkins
Strangled Deputy
Chip Love
Man in Ford
Eduardo Antonio Garcia
'Agua' Man
Gene Jones
Gas Station Proprietor
Myk Watford
'Managerial' Victim
Boots Southerland
'Managerial' Victim
Kathy Lamkin
Desert Aire Manager
Johnnie Hector
Cabbie at Bus Station
Margaret Bowman
Del Rio Motel Clerk
Thomas Kopache
Boot Salesman
Jason Douglas
Cabbie at Motel
Doris Hargrave
Rutherford Cravens
Gun Store Clerk
Matthew Posey
Sporting Goods Clerk
George Adelo
Mexican in Bathtub
Mathew Greer
Hitchhiking Driver
Trent Moore
Nervous Accountant
Marc Miles
Hotel Eagle Clerk
Luce Rains
Pickup Driver
Philip Bentham
Border Bridge Youth
Eric Reeves
Border Bridge Youth
Josh Meyer
Border Bridge Youth
Chris Warner
Flatbed Driver
Brandon Smith
INS Official
Roland Uribe
Well Dressed Mexican (as H. Roland Uribe)
Richard Jackson
Chicken Farmer
Dorsey Ray
Odessa Cabbie
Angel H. Alvarado Jr.
Norteño Band
David A. Gomez
Norteño Band
Milton Hernandez
Norteño Band
John Mancha
Norteño Band
Scott Flick
Cab Driver (uncredited)
Albert Fry Jr.
El Paso Deputy (uncredited)
Angelo Martinez
Bus Passenger (uncredited)
Elizabeth Slagsvol
Nurse (uncredited)
Did you know?
The silencer on Chigurh's shotgun was specially made for the movie. Such a device didn't exist, so the Coens had one invented.
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Voted 2nd best film of 2008 by Empire, narrowly missing the top spot to The Dark Knight (2008).
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The first Oscar-winning film to be edited using Final Cut Pro.
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In the scene where Anton is chasing Llewelyn through the streets at night, a modern day Dominos Pizza sign can be seen in the background.
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The opening scene of the police car features a 1990 Chevrolet Caprice and not a 1980 (or earlier). This is evident from the front door mounted seat belt mechanism, which was only used on the 1990 square-body models before the car was totally redesigned in 1991. There are also numerous mid-late 80's Caprices in the film - all too new for the setting of 1980. These cars are easily identifiable by taillight and grille design to differentiate them from a 1980-84ish car.
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Anton's car changes direction between 2 shots when it gets hit in the car crash at the end of the movie. In the interior shot of Anton, the front of the car moves to the left during the crash (seen from the driver's point of view). In the following long shot the front of his car moves to the right, inconsistent with the interior shot.
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Anton Chigurh: Would you hold still, please, sir?
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Desert Aire Manager: Did you not hear me? I can't give out no intformation regarding our residents.
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Anton Chigurh: Who are you?
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Why does Llewelyn pick up his spent rifle cartridge?
The most likely explanation is that he loads his own ammunition and so he re-uses spent cartridges.
What does Wells mean when he remarks to The Man Who Hired Wells: "I counted the floors of this building from the street. There's one missing?"
Two possibilities exist:1) It was just Wells giving another "attempt at humor" because most buildings that have enough floors that go in to the double-digits will have the floor number 13 removed. Next time you go into a high-rise check the elevator and see if there's a "13" button. Many modern buildings have a 13th floor, but older buildings were built with superstition in mind. So when Wells said there was one missing, he was referring to the 13th floor. Which is why The Man Who Hires Wells looks at him rather irritated and just says "We'll look in to it." returning the sarcasm.2) Wells is intelligent, aware, and intuitive. He displays this behavior through-out the film (finding Llewlyn (in 3 hours) and knowing his familial circumstance, etc.). It would be fair to assume that, since he was to be hired to track down Chigurh and the money, he would want to know his employer and their business. While doing so, he noticed a discrepancy between the building's exterior having MORE floors than what the the elevator button panel showed (less floors, one being 13 as in answer one and an additional separate missing floor). If this is true, then a floor is in fact missing. What occurs on that floor is open to interpretation (i.e drug trafficking). This could also explain how the business came to deal with losing money and it being the hands of drug traffickers.
What happens at the El Paso motel?
Llewelyn Moss goes to the motel and waits to be reunited with Carla Jean and Agnes (her mother). While waiting, the poolside woman flirts with him and offers him beers. What happens next can be seen as ambiguous, the first option is that the Mexicans knew where he was headed because Agnes had told them at the bus station. During the ensuing shootout, the poolside woman was killed and her body was found in the pool. Moss was able to shoot one of the Mexicans before he was shot in the chest and died inside his motel room. The remaining Mexicans ran off as Sheriff Bell pulled into the parking lot. The second option is that Bell actually comes across a shoot out between the Mexicans and Chigurh who has already killed Moss and the poolside woman. The evidence for this is circumstancial at best, The Mexicans are using machine guns which we hear, one of the Mexicans has been shot (by either Llewelyn or Chigurh) but we don't hear this. The machine gun casings are a considerable distance from the shot Mexican, why would the Mexicans be shooting towards their own man? There are no bullet holes observed in Llewelyns room or in the wall surrounding the door.
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Photos from cast
Josh Blaylock Caleb Landry Jones