No One Would Tell
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No One Would Tell

96 min
Crime | Drama | Sport | Thriller
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Noel Nosseck
Country: USA
Release Date: 1996-05-06
Filming Locations: Mesa, Arizona, USA
Fred Savage
Bobby Tennison
Gregory Alan Williams
Detective Anderson (as GregAlan Williams)
Heather McComb
Rodney Eastman
Tony Dinardo
Season Hubley
Rita Thompson
Sally Jessy Raphael
Michelle Phillips
Laura Collins
Gary Wolf
Chad Cox
Bruno Brunoski
Justina Machado
Val Cho
Paul Linke
Rod Merredi
Eric Balfour
Vince Fortner
Martha Romo
Paige Moss
Donna Fowler
Brian Gross
Good Looking Boy
Billy Joe Patton
Coach Murphy
Cheryl Kirby
Jan Pierson
Mark DeMichele
Ron Hoon
TV Announcer
Matt Hefter
Wrestler (uncredited)
Angella Kaye
Girl (uncredited)
Did you know?
This movie is based on the true story of Jamie Fuller, a 16-year-old senior in high school who murdered 14-year-old girlfriend, Amy Carnevale on 23 August 1991.
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The picture shown in Stacy's locker of her and a guy sitting on the couch that Bobby gets upset about is actually a picture of Candace with her husband Valeri Bure.
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After Bobby kills Stacy, he goes back to the truck (where his friend is supposedly sitting) and takes out cinder blocks, tape, etc. without his friend noticing a thing. Then he goes out in a boat (evidently after dragging the body into the boat), sinks the body, and the friend only sees him as he's coming back from the lake with bloody hands.
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When the gang are playing about in the lake, Stacy is wearing the unicorn necklace that Bobby gave her. Yet in the scene after, in school Bobby presents her with the same necklace for the first time.
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When Bobby shows his friends the liquor flask he brought to the dance, we hear him say, "A little flask? You like that?" but his mouth says something different.
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Nicki: Get away from her!
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Vince Fortner: [sees Bobby return after getting rid of Stacy] Bobby, what happened, man?
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Judge: Mr. Tennison, now, would you stand? Bobby Tennison, for the crime of murder in the first degree, the court orders that you'd be punished by confinement for a term of life without parole. Before we leave, there's something else that I wanted to say: How many of you have been hit? Who among you slaps their girlfriends? Well, this is against the law. This is wrong. And you know what? You watched it happen to Stacy and you did nothing. You have a responsibility to the people that you care about. When you see them hurting her, you see them in trouble, you step in and you tell someone so that this does not happen again.
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Why did Bobby murder Stacy?
He murdered her because he wanted to be with her forever. She didn't want to be with him because he was abusive and posessive. He states distinctly in the minutes after he murders her that "if I can't have her, no one can."
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