None But the Brave
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None But the Brave

106 min
Drama | War
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Frank Sinatra
Country: USA
Release Date: 1965-02-24
Filming Locations: Kaua'i, Hawaii, USA
Tatsuya Mihashi
Lt. Kuroki
Takeshi Katô
Sgt. Tamura (as Takeshi Kato)
Homare Suguro
Lance Cpl. Hirano
Kenji Sahara
Cpl. Fujimoto
Masahiko Tanimura
Lead Pvt. Ando
Tôru Ibuki
Pvt. Arikawa (as Toru Ibuki)
Ryucho Shunputei
Pvt. Okuda
Hisao Dazai
Pvt. Tokumaru
Susumu Kurobe
Pvt. Goro
Takashi Inagaki
Pvt. Ishi
Kenichi Hata
Pvt. Sato
Frank Sinatra
Chief Pharmacist Mate
Tommy Sands
2nd Lt. Blair
Brad Dexter
Sgt. Bleeker
Tony Bill
Air Crewman Keller
Sammy Jackson
Cpl. Craddock
Richard Bakalyan
Cpl. Ruffino
Rafer Johnson
Pvt. Johnson
Jimmy Griffin
Pvt. Dexter
Christopher Dark
Pvt. Searcy
Don Dorrell
Pvt. Hoxie
Phillip Crosby
Pvt. Magee (as Phil Crosby)
John Howard Young
Pvt. Waller
Roger Ewing
Pvt. Swensholm
Richard Sinatra
Pvt. Roth
Joe Gray
Laraine Stephens
Lorie (uncredited)
Did you know?
During downtime while shooting the picture, Brad Dexter saved Frank Sinatra from drowning when he dived into the ocean and saved the floundering Sinatra.
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Richard Sinatra, Frank Sinatra's cousin, appears as Private Roth.
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This movie's closing end coda states: "Nobody Ever Wins."
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The M1 rifle ammunition pouches worn by the Marines are obviously empty, as can be seen from their flat appearance.
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Captain Burke's girl friend wears a 1960s style hairdo rather than a World War II style.
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In some scenes the Japanese officer is carrying a Walther P-38, which is a German-made pistol, but in other scenes he's carrying a Nambu, which is a Japanese-made pistol.
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World Premiere Happened When & Where?
The World Premiere for the Warner Bros. film, None but the Brave, took place in Chicago at the Oriental theatre (Randolph near State), on Thursday, February 11, 1965. An ad in the Chicago Tribune also states the following:"World Premiere starts TODAY at 8:45 am---Extra!, Tonight 8:30 pm on Oriental Stage---In Person---Tommy Sands and Tony Bill introduced by Sun-Times Columnist Irv Kupcinet________________________Chicago Tribune, Sunday, February 7, 1965, s. 1, p. 22, c. 1:TOWER TICKERby Herb Lyon" . . . Actress Connie Stevens, due here Fri. to plug her new movie, "Two on a Guillotine" in person at 20 outlying theaters, will adopt a baby anytime now. Her hubby is Jim Stacy. . . . "". . . Our town will be awash with picture pluggin' Hollywood stars at the end of the week. In addition to Connie Stevens, there'll be Burt Lancaster [for "The Train"]; Chuck Heston, addressing the Planned Parenthood association Thursday [and pitching his "The Greatest Story Ever Told"]; plus Frank Sinatra's daughter, Nancy, and her hubby, Tommy Sands, and Tony Bill---in behalf of "None But the Brave."-----------------------------------------------------------------Chicago Tribune, Monday, February 8, 1965, p. 22, c. 1:TOWER TICKERby Herb Lyon" . . . Frankie Sinatra's daughter, Nancy, her mate, Tommy Sands, and Actor Tony Bill will jazz up the world premiere of Frank's "None But the Brave," at the Oriental theater Feb. 11. [Sinatra stars in and directed same.]________________________Chicago Sun-Times, February 11, 1965, p. 90, c. 1:KUP'S COUMNby Irv Kupcinet" . . . Tommy Sands, who appears in papa-in-law Frank Sinatra's latest film, "None but the Brave," and Tony Bill will be introduced by this reporter on staghe at the Oriental Thursday night . . . . Tony appears with Sinatra again in an upcoming film, "Marriage--On the Rocks."______________________________________Chicago Tribune, Monday, February 15, 1965, s. 1, p. 18, c. 1:TOWER TICKERby Herb Lyon". . . . Frankie Sinatra's on-in-law, Tommy Sands, who was here to plug their new one, "None but the Brave" [in which Tommy plays a steely marine], startled several local interviewers by candidly stating that if there's another war he'd probably be a conscientious objector. . . . "
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Clint Walker