Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
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Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

117 min | 145 min (uncut version)
IMDB rate:
Lars von Trier
13 wins & 19 nominations
Country: Denmark
Release Date: 2013-12-25
Filming Locations: Hilden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Opening Weekend: $158,369 (USA) (23 March 2014)
Gross: $785,669 (USA) (15 June 2014)
Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman
Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
Connie Nielsen
Connie Nielsen
Nymphomaniac: Vol. I
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Stellan Skarsgård
Stacy Martin
Young Joe
Shia LaBeouf
Christian Slater
Joe's Father
Sophie Kennedy Clark
Ronja Rissmann
Joe - 2 Years
Maja Arsovic
Joe - 7 years
Sofie Kasten
B - 10 Years
Ananya Berg
Joe - 10 Years
Anders Hove
James Northcote
Young Lad 1 on Train
Charlie Hawkins
Young Lad 2 on Train
Clayton Nemrow
Married Man on Train
Simon Boer
Man Uninterested (as Simon Böer)
Jeff Burrell
Man on Train 1
Andreas Grötzinger
Man 2 on Train
Jens Albinus
Tomas Spencer
Conductor (as Tomas Sinclair Spencer)
Jesse Inman
Man A Having Sex
Christoph Schechinger
Man B Having Sex
David Halina
Man C Having Sex
Jonas Baeck
Man D Having Sex
Katharina Rübertus
Joe's Girlfriend - 18 Years
Inga Behring
Joe's Girlfriend - 18 Years
Lisa Matschke
Joe's Girlfriend - 18 Years
Moritz Tellmann
Doctor Performing Abortion
Felicity Gilbert
Johannes Kienast
Man Who Cannot Touch Joe
Jesper Christensen
Jerôme's Uncle
Frankie Dawson
H's Boy 1
George Dawson
H's Boy 2
Harry Dawson
H's Boy 3
Cyron Melville
Peter Gilbert Cotton
Doctor 1
Saskia Reeves
Markus Tomczyk
Young Man in Hospital
Christoph Jöde
Man in Window
Nicolas Bro
Christian Gade Bjerrum
Thomas Eickhoff
Passenger (uncredited)
Did you know?
Originally, this movie and Nymphomaniac: Vol. II (2013) were shot as one movie and were originally intended to be released as one cut. Due to its length it was split into two movies.
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Along with Nymphomaniac: Vol. II (2013), the final part of the "Trilogy of Depression" also including Antichrist (2009) and Melancholia (2011), all of which star Charlotte Gainsbourg.
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Liam Hemsworth turned down the part of Jerôme.
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The action is supposed to take place in England. But Joes' Apartment has European style electrical outlets on the walls, as does the hospital room where she visits her father.
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When Joe parks Jerome's Jaguar (after Jerome failing to do so), the shot from the outside shows that the car is parked between two other cars, one in front and one behind theirs. When however, the shot changes to the back seat towards the front, we see that there is no car in front, just empty road.
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The train carriage where the two girls pick up strangers is German, but the ticket collector is wearing a British Railways uniform from the 1970s.
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Joe: It's actually the souls of the trees we're seeing in the winter. In summer everything is green and idyllic but in the winter, the branches and the trunks all stand out. Just look at how crooked they all are. The branches have to carry all the leaves to the sunlight. That's one long struggle for survival.
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Conductor: Two first class tickets for two first class ladies.
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Seligman: I'm Seligman.
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