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115 min
Drama | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Gillo Pontecorvo
1 win
Country: Italy
Release Date: 1979-09-28
Filming Locations: Bilbao, Vizcaya, País Vasco, Spain
Gross: ITL 958,600,000 (Italy) ( 1979)
Gian Maria Volonté
Ángela Molina
Saverio Marconi
José Sacristán
Eusebio Poncela
Féodor Atkine
José María Uriarte (alias Yoseba) (as Feodor Atkin)
Georges Staquet
El Albañil
Nicole Garcia
Luis Carrero Blanco
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
José Manuel Cervino
Lechero (uncredited)
Fernando Chinarro
Cirujano (uncredited)
Francisco Franco
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Estanis González
Portero (uncredited)
Raúl Lobo
Agustín Navarro
Luis Politti
Profesor (uncredited)
Luis Reina
Agapito Romo
Carrero Blanco
Ana Torrent
Niña vasca (uncredited)
Did you know?
The Italian, Spanish and French actors all spoke in their own language, then were dubbed into the same language for each country.
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Gillo Pontecorvo's last feature film.
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TV's Narrator: His Excellency, Head of State Generalissimo Franco, in accordance with established procedure, has named as President, Admiral Don Luis Carrero Blanco, to be sworn in today in the Palace of Pardo, before the Council and various figures. So culminates a brilliant political career which began back in 1940, on May 7th when he was nominated Undersecretary to the President, and step by step became indispensable to Franco. Born in Sontoña, Santander, sailor by vocation, he entered naval academy at age 15, where his character was forged and who, at the end of the crusade, was called by the Leader. Bestowed with wisdom, and those great virtues... Luque: [after turn off the TV] Shut up, son of a bitch! Ask those who are rotting jail who Carrero Blanco is. Ask John's mother or Siquia's, Uriarte's father or Areño's, Julen's, or Burgos'!
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Policeman #1 (on radio): K-18, K-18 here. We're heading towards Claudio Coello. Seems there's been an explosion. Policeman #2 (on radio): J-15 here. Something's odd on Juan Bravo Velasquez, a big traffic jam. Policeman #1 (on radio): Okay, okay. Policeman #2 (on radio): Copy that. Policeman #1 (on radio): H-20 for K-18. What happened on Claudio Coello? Claudio Coello is the route for the President. Give me news quickly. Over. Policeman #2 (on radio): K-14 here, K-14. We're on Claudio Coello. There was a gas explosion, a big one. It lifted up the street. There's lots of destroyed cars. K-18's arriving. Over. Policeman #1 (on radio): H-20 here. K-18, go to the Jesuit Church. If the President hasn't left, keep him there. There could be other explosions. Policeman #2 (on radio): We're on our way. Policeman #1 (on radio): H-20 calling K-11. Go to the President's house, on Hermanos Bequer. Quickly. Over. Policeman #2 (on radio): K-18 here. The President has already left. Mass has been over some time. Over. Policeman #1 (on radio): K-11, K-11 here. The President left home as usual and hasn't returned. Policeman #2 (on radio): Attention, H-20, it's urgent. For all cars. K-11, stay at the house. K-18, at the church. Remaining cars to area D4. Look for President's car. I repeat, it is urgent. To area D4. Urgent for all cars. Go to area D4. Policeman #1 (on radio): K-14 here, we've found the escort car. Over. Policeman #2 (on radio): The main thing is the President's car! Did it passed, yes or not? Policeman #1 (on radio): H-20, wait. There are some electrical wires. Could have been an attack. Policeman #2 (on radio): What are you saying? Izarra: That's it. From now, we have 8 or 9 minutes at the most. But we're almost away.
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La Niña Vasca del Bar: Hey, you're Basque, aren't you?
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