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153 min
Drama | Family | Musical
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Carol Reed
Won 5 Oscars. Another 9 wins & 23 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1968-09-27
Filming Locations: Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK
Budget: $10,000,000
Gross: $16,800,000 (USA)$40,000,000 (Worldwide)
Oliver Reed
Oliver Reed
Ron Moody
Shani Wallis
Harry Secombe
Mark Lester
Jack Wild
The Artful Dodger
Hugh Griffith
Joseph O'Conor
Mr. Brownlow
Peggy Mount
Mrs. Bumble
Leonard Rossiter
Hylda Baker
Mrs. Sowerberry
Kenneth Cranham
Noah Claypole
Megs Jenkins
Mrs. Bedwin
Sheila White
Wensley Pithey
Dr. Grimwig
James Hayter
Mr. Jessop
Elizabeth Knight
Fred Emney
Chairman - Workhouse
Edwin Finn
Pauper - Workhouse
Roy Evans
Pauper - Workhouse
Norman Mitchell
Arresting Policeman
Robert Bartlett
Fagin's Boy
Graham Buttrose
Fagin's Boy
Jeffrey Chandler
Fagin's Boy
Kirk Clugston
Fagin's Boy (as Kirk Clugeston)
Dempsey Cook
Fagin's Boy
Christopher Duff
Fagin's Boy
Nigel Grice
Fagin's Boy
Ronnie Johnson
Fagin's Boy
Nigel Kingsley
Fagin's Boy
Robert Langley
Fagin's Boy
Brian Lloyd
Fagin's Boy
Peter Lock
Fagin's Boy
Clive Moss
Fagin's Boy
Ian Ramsey
Fagin's Boy
Peter Renn
Fagin's Boy
Billy Smith
Fagin's Boy
Kim Smith
Fagin's Boy
Freddie Stead
Fagin's Boy
Raymond Ward
Fagin's Boy
John Watters
Fagin's Boy
John Baskcomb
Workhouse Governor (uncredited)
Frank Crawshaw
Workhouse Governor (uncredited)
Harry Fielder
Smart Gent (uncredited)
Jack Haig
Peter Hoare
Clerk of Court (uncredited)
Anthony Kemp
Arnold Locke
Workhouse Governor (uncredited)
Jim Machin
Child (uncredited)
Ruben Martin
Strongman (uncredited)
Elaine Paige
Urchin (uncredited)
Jayne Peach
Rose - Maid (uncredited)
Norman Pitt
Workhouse Governor (uncredited)
Nosher Powell
Man (uncredited)
Keith Roberts
Policeman Magistrate's Court (uncredited)
Vernon White
Baker Boy Dancer (uncredited)
Helen Worth
Urchin (uncredited)
Did you know?
A lavish party was held on the set on 11 July 1967 to celebrate Mark Lester's ninth birthday.
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Ron Moody credited popular magician Tommy Cooper as an inspiration for his interpretation of Fagin.
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The "Consider Yourself" number took three weeks to film.
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Right before the song "Pick A Pocket or Two" starts, when Oliver asks Fagin "Is this a laundry then sir?", You can see Artful Dodger mouthing the exact same words as Oliver did.
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While singing "As Long As He Needs Me," Nancy's dress hangs off her shoulder and then in the next shot it is back on her shoulder.
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When Oliver starts his journey from the workhouse town to London, it's winter. As his travel proceeds, the winter snow melts, and the landscape becomes green. By the time he arrives in London, it's clearly summer, judging from the people's clothes and the abundance of vegetables. While conversing with the Artful Dodger, Oliver explains that he has been walking for seven days.
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Fagin: [Pointing to the blood stain] There's *blood*... on your coat, Bill!
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Boy: Fagin, this sausage is moldy! Fagin: Shut up and drink your gin.
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Sowerberry: Well, having a rest Mr. Bumble?
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What makes this film different from Dickens's "Oliver Twist"?
Aside from the obvious fact that "Oliver Twist' is not a musical, there is an entire subplot in the novel that was left out of the musical. In the novel, Oliver has a half-brother that he knows nothing about. This person is named Monks, and is almost as evil as Bill Sikes (though not nearly as violent). The real reason that Fagin wants Oliver kidnapped from Brownlow's house is that Monks will pay Fagin to make Oliver a criminal. This is because, unbeknownst to him, Oliver has an inheritance which he will automatically lose if he ever commits a crime, and the money would then go to Monks, whose father was also Oliver's father.Later on in the novel, when Sikes tries to use Oliver to help him commit a robbery and it all goes wrong, the two do not escape safely, as in the musical film. Instead, Oliver is shot and Sikes abandons him to die. Oliver is then taken and nursed back to health by the people in the house, who realize he was forced to participate in the robbery. Oliver never returns to the thieves; instead, Nancy, who secretly discovers Monks's identity, takes steps to ensure that he will not be kidnapped again, by informing on Monks (and only Monks). When Fagin hears of this, he is furious at the loss of the money Monks would have paid him. He lies to Sikes and makes him believe that Nancy informed on all of them; this is why Sikes kills her. He accidentally hangs himself while trying to escape; Monks is caught and forced to confess, and Fagin is sentenced to death and hanged.
Chicago Opening Happened When?
The hit Academy Award winning film from Columbia, Oliver!, opened in the Chicago area on Thursday, December 19, 1968 at the UA Cinema 150 (a United Artists theatre) on Cermak Road in Oak Brook (acres of illuminated free parking). An ad reads: "Much Much More Than a Musical!"
What are the three scenes inspired or taken from the Dickens' novel that were not in the stage version?
They are: (1) Oliver's trial, (2) the burglary scene involving Sikes and Oliver, and (3) the idea of having Sikes try to make his getaway on the rooftops, near the end of the film. These scenes are not in the original stage version, though reportedly there is a recent stage version that has been modified to be more like the film. In the original production, Act I ends immediately after Oliver is arrested, and Act II begins after he has already gone to Mr Brownlow's house. There is no burglary in the stage version, and Sikes tries to make his getaway on London Bridge instead of across the rooftops. There is much less spoken dialogue in the original stage version than in the film, making the play seem much like a series of song cues rather than a story with songs added. The film feels more like a version of "Oliver Twist," with more plot and dialogue, than the play does.
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