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On the Road

124 min | 137 min (original version)
Adventure | Drama
IMDB rate:
Walter Salles
2 wins & 4 nominations
Country: France
Release Date: 2012-05-23
Filming Locations: Bridge City, Louisiana, USA
Budget: $25,000,000
Opening Weekend: €61,973 (Belgium) (10 June 2012)
Gross: $717,753 (USA) (28 April 2013)
Viggo Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen
On the Road
Amy Adams
On the Road
Alice Braga
Alice Braga
On the Road
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart
On the Road
Sam Riley
Sal Paradise
Garrett Hedlund
Dean Moriarty
Tom Sturridge
Carlo Marx
Elisabeth Moss
Galatea Dunkel
Danny Morgan
Ed Dunkle
Kirsten Dunst
Ximena Adriana
Oaxacan Girl
Sarah Allen
Clara Altimas
Newlywed Woman
Leif Anderson
Chevy Owner
Ricardo Andres
Terry's Father
Dan Beirne
Newlywed Man
Tetchena Bellange
Walter's Wife
Glen Bowser
Denver Police
Doug Boyd
Grocery Store Owner
Kim Bubbs
Steve Buscemi
Tall Thin Salesman
Jason Cavalier
Disgruntled Driver
Joe Chrest
Virginia Cop
Patrick John Costello
Chad King
Michael Daigle
Papa Leo Paradise
Eric Davis
Larry Day
Policeman New Jersey
Janyève Denoncourt
Joanie 17 months
Sean J. Dillingham
Cotton Foreman
Paul Dillon
Montana Slim
Joel Figueroa
Jim Finkbeiner
Stunt Montana Slim
Frank Fontaine
Paul's Father
Clara Furey
Isa Garcia
Kyle Gatehouse
Migrant Worker
Barbara Glover
Okie Woman
David Gow
Parking Lot Boss
Marie-Ginette Guay
Ma Paradise
Tyler Hall
Dean Stunt Double
Imogen Haworth
Nin Paradise
Matthew Deano
Ray Lee
Robert Higden
Sam Pharmacy
Arthur Holden
Maitre D
Kaniehtiio Horn
Rita Bettancourt (as Tiio Horn)
Terrence Howard
Omoze Idehenre
Black Woman
Asao Ikegami
Japanese Co-worker
Giselle Itié
Terry Jackson
Stunt Driver Utility
Daniel Kash
Henry Glass
Joey Klein
Tom Saybrook
Greg Kramer
Mississippi Gene
Neil Kroetsch
Denver Barber
Jake La Botz
Okie Hitchhiker
Roc LaFortune
Hotel Clerk
Gilbert Larose Jr.
Stunt Driver Utility
Jordane Lavoie
Amy 1 month
Adam LeBlanc
Remi Boncoeur
Terry Leonard
Pecos Truck Driver
Alison Louder
Bronwen Mantel
Paul's Mother
Rocky Marquette
Lilia Mendoza
Venuzuelan Girl
Murphy Moberly
Ray Lee
Luc Morissette
Old Tramp (as Luc Morrissette)
George Morris
Old Bartender
Coati Mundi
Slim Gaillard
Jacob Ortiz
Felix Pennell
Blond Kid
Chris Ratz
Migrant Truck Driver
Niko Romberg
Migrant Worker
Andaluz Russell
Dona Gregoria
Michael Sarrazin
Irish Catholic Priest
Barry Del Sherman
Dynamite Truck Driver
Mark Trafford
Broadway Sam
Gina Vargas
Whorehouse Girl 2
Madison Wolfe
Dodie Lee (8)
Moira Wylie
Paul's Old Aunt
Daniela Wong
Whorehouse Girl 1
Giovanna Zacarías
Red Head
Martin Auguste
Walter's Jazz Band
Wray Downes
Walter's Jazz Band
Martin Heslop
Walter's Jazz Band
Moise Yawo Matey
Walter's Jazz Band
Archie Alleyne
Slim's Band
Jude Charles
Slim's Band
Ronald Johnston
Slim's Band
Raymond Delaune
LaFonda Baker
Dorothy Banks (uncredited)
Karen Belfo
Girl at Party (uncredited)
Bennie Bell
Towns Person (uncredited)
Anthony Bougiouris
Saybrook Dancer #! (uncredited)
Lisandre Bujold
Extra (uncredited)
John Burnside
Ghostly Hobo (uncredited)
Joseph Randy Causin
Migrant Worker (uncredited)
Janeé Crump
Jeffrey T Ferguson
Lunchbox Guy (uncredited)
Jenessa Grant
Farmer's Daughter (uncredited)
Emily D. Haley
People on the Street (uncredited)
Jennifer Herrera
Student (uncredited)
Kymberly Jenal
Townsperson (uncredited)
Veronica Loud
Dinah Luke (uncredited)
Emilie Paquet
Bar Attendee (uncredited)
Mark Rayner
Neighbor (uncredited)
Terry Lee Smith
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Sona Tatoyan
Maggie (uncredited)
Timothy A. Vasquez
Towns Person (uncredited)
Michael Wozniak
Businessman (uncredited)
Did you know?
Beat scholar Brian Hassett pointed out some of the multiple sources beyond the novel also used/referenced/seen in the movie: Director Walter Salles and screenwriter Jose Rivera used the scroll version of On The Road (published 2007), not the 1957 edition, as the working blueprint. And then all sorts of little touches were added from Neal, Jack & Allen's letters, Carolyn Cassady's autobiography, the 2 different LuAnne Henderson interviews, "The Town And The City," Jack's audio recordings and articles and notebooks, Allen Ginsberg's "Denver Doldrums," "Dakar Doldrums" and the "Martyrdom and Artifice" journals, John Clellon Holmes' "Go," Gifford & Lee's oral biography "Jack's Book" - all noticed specifically.
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Johnny Depp turned down the role of Sal Paradise when the film was in early development in the early 90s.
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Because Amy Adams had just become a mother when shooting began and she's playing a drug addict on the movie, she decided to not use much make-up and incorporate her natural tiredness due to having a baby to the role.
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In the opening scenes, Sal Paradise hitches a ride on the old farm truck. The large, round hay and straw bales in the background weren't available until 1972, when Vermeer built and sold the model 605 baler. Even then, the bales were much smaller and looser until the late '70s or early '80s on United States farms.
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Set in 1949, but the characters ride in a 1950 Hudson.
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Among Sal's books is a copy of Saul Bellow's "Seize the Day", which was first published in 1956.
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Sal Paradise: The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.
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Carlo Marx: This is the first time actual sex has been part of my relationship with a man. And this is how you love.
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Carlo Marx: I'd gotten so crazy over Dean.
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Is this the first film adaptation of 'On the Road'?
Yes, it is. Attempts have been made to film it in the past, but this is the first to make it to the screen. There was also TV movie produced in Canada.
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Photos from cast
Viggo Mortensen Alice Braga Kristen Stewart