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One Man's Hero

USA:121 min
Action | Drama | History | Romance | War | Western
IMDB rate:
Lance Hool
3 nominations
Country: Spain
Release Date: 1999-08-02
Filming Locations: Sierra de Organos, Sombrerete, Zacatecas, Mexico
Budget: $11,350,000
Opening Weekend: $108,567 (USA) (26 September 1999)
Gross: $229,311 (USA) (24 October 1999)
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
One Man's Hero
Joaquim de Almeida
Daniela Romo
Mark Moses
Col. Benton Lacy
Stuart Graham
Cpl. Kenneally
Gregg Fitzgerald
Paddy Noonan
Don Wycherley
Brian Athlone
Wolf Muser
Cpl. Schultz
Luke Hayden
Seamus McDougherty
Ilia Volok
Daniel Grzbalski
Patrick Bergin
Gen. Winfield Scott
James Gammon
Gen. Zachary Taylor
Carlos Carrasco
Stephen Tobolowsky
Capt. Gaine
Dermot Martin
Seamus Fitzgerald
Jason Hool
Peter O'Neil, San Patricios Cannoneer
Gary Hershberger
Eammon Daly
Steve Leone
John Daly
Jorge Bosso
Col. Maximo Nexor
Luis Lorenzo
Padre Varga
Prince Albert of Monaco
James Kelley
Mark Thomas
Vanessa Bauche
Perla De La Rosa
Rodolfo de Anda
Gen. Ampudia
Roger Cudney
Col. Harney
James Polak
Guy De Saint Cyr
Brett Hool
Army Recruiter
Raúl Martínez
1st Guerilla
Fernando Elizondo
2nd Guerilla
Alek Carrera
U.S. Batallion Frontman
Did you know?
The film is rated as unacceptable by the American Humane Society. The films makers refused to produce evidence that no animals were harmed during production. The end titles disclaimer that no animals were harmed is not endorsed by the AHA.
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The final battle in the movie is the battle of Churubusco. Some facts are stretched about the battle and there are some errors.
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In John Riley's first scene as a San Patricio he asks their names to other Irish soldiers. When he asks his name to James Kelly, Riley asks him if he has any experience, and Kelly answers that he has been in His Majesty Royal Artillery. Riley replies with "Good experience, but there is no royalty here" to what Kelly answers "Yes, sir". Kelly is played by Prince Albert of Monaco, a member of the Royal family of Monaco.
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General Winfield Scott, commanding general of the American forces, is shown wearing three stars on his epaulets signifying the rank of a Lieutenant General. At the time of the Mexican War (1846-1848) he wore the two stars of a Major General which was the highest rank in the United States Army at the time. He wouldn't wear three stars until 1856 when he was promoted to Lieutenant General, becoming the first American since George Washington to hold that rank.
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The type of noose used to hang the men was of 1880s design, intended to break the neck of the prisoner as opposed to strangling them, where a slip-knot was used. Since the execution did not drop them from enough height, the noose would not have worked, even if it had existed.
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There are a number of geographical and historical errors in this film, including some scenes in the battle of Churubusco (the last battle in the movie).
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