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OSS 117: Lost in Rio

USA:101 min
Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime
IMDB rate:
Michel Hazanavicius
6 nominations
Country: France
Release Date: 2009-04-15
Filming Locations: Paris, France
Opening Weekend: $10,243 (USA) (9 May 2010)
Gross: $87,353 (USA) (25 July 2010)
Jean Dujardin
OSS 117
Rüdiger Vogler
Von Zimmel
Alex Lutz
Pierre Bellemare
Ken Samuels
Serge Hazanavicius
Laurent Capelluto
Cirillo Luna
Hippie ''pomme d'amour''
Moon Dailly
La comtesse
Walter Shnorkell
Philippe Hérisson
Mayeux (as Philippe Herisson)
Nicky Marbot
Christelle Cornil
Mlle Ledentu
Jean-Marie Paris
Alexandre Porfirio
Vincent Haquin
Blue Devil
Alexandre Goncalves
Blue Devil
Adriana Salles
L'infirmière (as Adriana Sallès)
Joseph Chanet
Chinois CIA
Patrick Vo
Chinois pilote
Pascal Parmentier
Allemand 1
Franck Beckmann
Allemand 2
Jean-Claude Tran
Chinois hôtel 1
Bing Yin
Chinois hôtel 2 (as Yin Bing)
Chao Chen
Chinois taxi
Gérald Nguyen Ngoc
Chinois chalet 1
Chen Yi-Rhe
Chinois chalet 2 (as Yi-Rhe Chen)
Sabrine Vin
Jeune fille hippie ''LSD''
Alvaro Correia
Hippie 'pas en vacances'
Emmanuel Pasqualini
Employé ambassade RFA
Sébastien Mingam
Employé silencieux ambassade RFA
Jean-Louis Barcelona
Pichard espion français
Gérard Couchet
Ministre élyséen
Donna Flandrin
La femme du militaire Washington
Guillaume Schiffman
Militaire israélien
Olé Erdmann
Crooner allemand (as Ole Erdmann)
Ludovic Bource
Le chef d'orchestre
Arthur Bispo Coutinho
Petit garçon Favela
Naiara Amorim Da Silva
Petite fille Favela
Yoda Bono
La chatte qui fait du bruit
Fritz Wepper
Oiseau derrière
Laurent Larrieu
Homme de main Von Zimmel
Robert Hoehn
Homme de main Von Zimmel
Gregory Loffredo
Homme de main Von Zimmel (as Grégory Loffredo)
Jan Oliver Schroeder
Homme de main Von Zimmel
Did you know?
Agent OSS 117 (Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath) wears clothes which are inspired and predominantly the same as Paul Newman's Lew Harper in Harper (1966).
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This spy spoof movie, OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009) (OSS 117: Lost in Rio) is the first sequel and second movie in the new French series of OSS 117 movies, the first being OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (2006) (OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies). Interestingly, these two movies utilize the same consecutive settings of Cairo/Egypt and Rio/Brazil as were featured in the consecutive James Bond 1970s spy movies, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) (Cairo/Egypt) and Moonraker (1979) (Rio/Brazil).
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The American Matt Helm spy spoof series of four films is given a nod with the similar art and set direction seen in the furniture set around the swimming pool together with the use of featured songs sung by Dean Martin.
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In the Nazi party shoot-out, the sculpture of David has his privates blown off by gunfire, but they are clearly in tact during a following scene.
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During the beach scene with the hippies, Minnie Ripperton's "Lovin' You" is playing. The movie is set in 1967. "Lovin' You" was not recorded until 1974.
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Dolorès Koulechov: You turn me off.
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OSS 117: [to the hippy touching his bare ass] I like what's going on, but let's agree that it will be our secret, what happens here stays here...
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OSS 117: [on the phone] I have to go. I see a Nazi.
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