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Ouran High School Host Club

24 min
Animation | Comedy | Romance
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Country: Japan
Release Date: 2006-04-04
Maaya Sakamoto
Haruhi Fujioka
Mamoru Miyano
Tamaki Suou (26 episodes, 2006)
Masaya Matsukaze
Kyouya Otori (26 episodes, 2006)
Ken'ichi Suzumura
Hikaru Hitachiin
Yoshinori Fujita
Kaoru Hitachiin
Ayaka Saito
Mitsukuni Haninozuka / ... (26 episodes, 2006)
Daisuke Kirii
Takashi Morinozuka / ... (26 episodes, 2006)
Caitlin Glass
Haruhi Fujioka
Vic Mignogna
Tamaki Suou (26 episodes, 2006)
J. Michael Tatum
Kyoya Otori (26 episodes, 2006)
Todd Haberkorn
Hikaru Hitachiin
Greg Ayres
Kaoru Hitachiin
Luci Christian
Mitsukuni Haninozuka (26 episodes, 2006)
Travis Willingham
Takashi Morinozuka (26 episodes, 2006)
Taliesin Jaffe
Additional Voices / ... (26 episodes, 2006)
Yûko Sanpei
Shiori Ebisugawa / ... (15 episodes, 2006)
Risa Tsubaki
Hina Usami / ... (15 episodes, 2006)
Kozue Yoshizumi
Renge Hôshakuji / ... (14 episodes, 2006)
Monica Rial
Renge Hoshakuji / ... (14 episodes, 2006)
Kiyomi Asai
Kimiko Sakurazuka / ... (13 episodes, 2006)
Tomomi Watanabe
Momoka Kurakano / ... (13 episodes, 2006)
Ayahi Takagaki
Tsubaki Kamigamo / ... (13 episodes, 2006)
Sayaka Narita
Kozue Kitamika / ... (12 episodes, 2006)
Ryoko Ono
Honoka Kimiwada / ... (12 episodes, 2006)
Carrie Savage
Momoka Kurakano / ... (12 episodes, 2006)
Sayori Ishizuka
Ruri Karasuma / ... (11 episodes, 2006)
Did you know?
Vic Mignogna and Caitlin Glass both spearheaded getting Ouran to the United States for dubbing, after they both saw it in Japanese. Mignogna specifically wanted to play Tamaki Suou after falling in love with the character. Maintaining professionalism Glass still auditioned others for the role along with Mignogna. Vic's audition landed him the role in the end.
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Hikaru Hitachiin: [referring to Tamaki] Why is he sulking?
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Haruhi Fujioka: [Tamaki is sulking] Come on sempai, would you please stop growing mushrooms in other people's closets?
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Tamaki Suou: Just suppose... I'm not really Haruhi's father.
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Is the series exactly the same as the manga?
The characters and settings are generally the same, and the anime uses themes and plot lines that were taken from volumes 1 - 9 of the manga. Some episodes play out almost exactly the same as the manga (e.g episode 8), most take and use the basic plots but with various differences (e.g episode 21), and a few have no obvious correlation (e.g episode 25). There are several plot lines from the manga that were not used in the series.
Is there or will there be a season 2?
There is currently only one season of Ouran. At the moment, there is not enough material from the manga to develop a second season, and it will be a long time until there is. Even if there is eventually enough material, it is still unlikely, as the show was created and resolved with the idea that only one season would be made. However, there are petitions online to try and get a second season made.
How many episodes are there?
In the first (and only) season there are 26 half-hour episodes. They aired in Japan from April - September 2006.
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