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127 min
IMDB rate:
Wolfgang Petersen
7 wins & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1995-03-10
Filming Locations: Arcata, California, USA
Budget: $50,000,000
Opening Weekend: $13,420,387 (USA) (12 March 1995)
Gross: $67,823,573 (USA)£4,343,040 (UK)
Rene Russo
Rene Russo
Dustin Hoffman
Sam Daniels
Morgan Freeman
General Billy Ford
Kevin Spacey
Casey Schuler
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Major Salt
Donald Sutherland
General Donald McClintock
Patrick Dempsey
Jimbo Scott
Zakes Mokae
Dr. Benjamin Iwabi
Malick Bowens
Dr. Raswani
Susan Lee Hoffman
Dr. Lisa Aronson
Benito Martinez
Dr. Julio Ruiz
Bruce Jarchow
Dr. Mascelli
Leland Hayward III
Henry Seward
Daniel Chodos
Rudy Alvarez
Dale Dye
Colonel Briggs
Gina Menza
Mrs. Jeffries
Per Didrik Fasmer
Mr. Jeffries
Michelle Joyner
Sherry Mauldin
Donald Forrest
Mack Mauldin
Julie Pierce
Erica Mauldin
Tim Ransom
Tommy Hull
Michelle M. Miller
Darla Hull
Maury Sterling
Sandman One
Michael Emanuel
Sandman One Co-Pilot
Lucas Dudley
Viper One Pilot
Robert Alan Joseph
Viper Two Pilot
Joseph Latimore
Viper Two Co-Pilot
Michael Sottile
Gunner Pilot
Ed Beechner
Matthew Saks
Sergeant Wolf
Diana Bellamy
Mrs. Pananides
Lance Kerwin
American Mercenary
Brett Oliver
Belgian Mercenary
Eric Mungai Nguku
African Nurse
Larry Hine
Young McClintock
Nickolas H. Marshall
Young Ford
Douglas Hebron
Ju-Ju Man
Jae Woo Lee
Korean Captain
Johnny Kim
Seaman Chulso Lee (as Derek Kim)
Billy Stevenson
Biotest Guard (as Bill Stevenson)
Kellie Overbey
Dana Andersen
Patricia Place
Mrs. Foote
Nicholas Pappone
Little Boy on Plane
Traci Odom
Little Boy's Mother
Herbert Jefferson Jr.
Boston Doctor #1
Thomas Crawford
Boston Doctor #2
Buzz Barbee
Boston Doctor #3
Jenna Byrne
Brian Reddy
Tracy's Father
Ina Romeo
Mrs. Logan
Teresa Velarde
Nurse Emma
Jane Jenkins
Nurse Jane (as J.J. Chaback)
Carmela Rappazzo
Hospital Receptionist
Kurt Boesen
Mayor Gaddis
Jack Rader
Police Chief Fowler
Robert Rigamonte
Country Health Official
Mimi Doyka
Frightened Mother
C. Jack Robinson
Biotest Manager
Robert Alan Beuth
George Armistead
Gordon Michaels
Man in Line
Peter Looney
White House Counsel
Conrad Bachmann
California Governor
Cary J. Pitts
Cynthia Harrison
Marcus Hennessy
Station Manager
Albert Owens
Broadcast Director
David Silverbrand
TV Reporter
Julie Araskog
Janet Adams
Frank Rositani
Senator Rosales
George Christy
Bruce Isacson
Marilyn Brandt
Ford's Secretary
Philip Handy
Sergeant Meyer
Tim Frazee
MP #1
Moses Williams
MP #2
Roland Tsui
MP #3
Keith Butler
MP #4
Davi Lee Phillips
MP #5
Ralph Miller
Officer #1
Mark Brown
Officer #2 (as Mark Drown)
Jim Antonio
Dr. Drew Reynolds
Brad Frost
Street Thug (uncredited)
Ellsworth Hanna
Sailor at Cocktail Party (uncredited)
Jeanne Hanna
Sailor's Wife at Cocktail Party (uncredited)
Jack Kyle
Doctor (uncredited)
John Lizzi
Newsroom Reporter (uncredited)
Beau Lotterman
Army Major (uncredited)
Ross Turner
Townsperson (uncredited)
J.T. Walsh
Chief of Staff (uncredited)
Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc
Army Pilot (uncredited)
Did you know?
The CGI artists at Boss Film Studios added a little note in a single frame. The note was attached to the bomb and it read "To Ferndale with love, Boss Film Studios"
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Betsy, the white-headed capuchin Monkey, also appears in the sitcom Friends (1994) as Marcel, Ross' pet. The monkey's prior role in Outbreak was spoofed by a poster showing Marcel as the star in the fictional movie "Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan". Both the movie and the TV series are Warner Brothers productions.
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Dustin Hoffman and Maya Angelou did uncredited work on the script but most of their work went unused.
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The White House Chief of Staff refers to the fuel-air bomb as "the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in our arsenal." This has never been true. In 1995, when this film was made, the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal was the BLU-82 "Daisy Cutter," which is indeed the bomb shown in the film, but which is not a fuel-air bomb. (This weapon was retired in 2001 and replaced by the GBU-43 MOAB bomb, which is currently the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal, and which isn't a fuel-air bomb, either.)
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There are no (naturally occurring) pine cones in redwood forests.
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Maj Salt flies the helicopter from the left seat. U.S. Army helicopters can be flown from either seat but can only be started from the right (pilot/command) seat as the engine starter controls are only accessible from the right side. Also, Maj Salt, being the pilot, would have sat in the right seat even though Col. Daniels outranked him.
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Casey Schuler: I hate this bug.
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Sam Daniels: We are fugitives of the law. Idiocy is our only option.
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Casey Schuler: I hate them willies, they ought to call them the Sams don't you think?
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What was the source? How did the virus jump from Africa to the U.S.?
The source of the U.S. outbreak was a female monkey, captured in Africa and illegally transported into the US. When Rudy Alverez (Daniel Chodos), the pet shop owner, refused possession of the monkey because he wanted a male, the monkey was set free near Cedar Creek, California. Unfortunately, the monkey passed the virus to both Rudy and to Jimbo Scott (Patrick Dempsey), the monkey's deliverer. Jimbo then flew to Boston where he kissed his girlfriend, and they both died hours later without infecting anyone else. Back in Cedar Creek, the virus was passed to a lab technician when a vial of Rudy's blood exploded in a centrifuge, and the lab technician spread it during a coughing fit at a movie theater. At this point, the virus was transmitted by direct contact, e.g., Rudy was scratched by the monkey, the lab tech was sprayed with the blood, the droplets of the technician's spittle landed on people around him. The virus subsequently mutated, becoming airborne, and was, thus, passed to other patients in the Cedar Creek Hospital via the airducts.
How does the movie end?
Once Sam and Major Salt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) learn that the host is a monkey smuggled in from Africa, they frantically begin searching for her before Operation Clean Sweep is carried out, but have to go on the run since McClintock has discredited them to prevent Sam from finding a cure and ruining his plans of covering up the virus. They break into a TV station and go on the air showing a picture of the monkey and asking to hear from anyone who has seen it. A viewer remembers a drawing that her young daughter Kate made of "Betsy", a monkey she says has been playing with her in the backyard. Her mom immediately contacts the CDC. They notify Sam and give them her address in Palisades. Sam and Salt fly their helicopter to the Jeffries' house, where they attempt to get Kate to coax Betsy to come out of the woods. When Betsy shows up, Salt shoots her with a tranquilizer gun. Unfortunately, Lt Col Briggs (Dale Dye) intercepted the call from the CDC to Sam, and McClintock is also on his way to Palisades. When Sam contacts Ford, the only thing Ford can do is to delay the bombing and warns him of possible resistance heading his way. McClintock intercepts Sam and Salt on their way back to Cedar Creek and orders them to fly to Travis Air Force Base or be blown up, but Sam refuses. Salt manages to outmaneuver McClintock's aerial squads and get Betsy back to Cedar Creek where the antibodies in her blood are mixed with E-1101 to create an antiserum against the mutated strain of Motaba in time to save Robby. Ford tries to get McClintock to call off Operation Clean Sweep, but McClintock refuses, still wanting to keep the Motaba virus a secret. When Sam finds out that the bomber is on the way, he and Salt intercept it in their helicopter and try to convince the pilots not to drop the bomb. When McClintock orders them to stop listening to Sam and carry out their mission, Ford briefly explains over the radio what they could do to interfere with the bombing much to McClintock's surprise. Salt bears down on the carrier threatening a head-on collision while Sam still tries to explain on the airwaves that they were purposely not told everything on what was going on. While hearing Sam's pleas, the pilots drop the bomb anyway, but over water, not over Cedar Creek. When McClintock orders the pilots to return for re-arming, Ford relieves McClintock of duty and places him under arrest for withholding vital information from the President having seen that McClintock's actions have gone too far, though McClintock swears he'll make sure that Ford goes down for the crime with him. In the final scene, all of the sick residents of Cedar Creek are recovering, and Sam and Robby make up.
What is the beginning of the movie supposed to show...where they bomb the encampment in Africa?
That scene, which takes place 30 years prior to the setting of the movie, is supposed to show that Major General Donald McClintock (Donald Sutherland) and Brigadier General Billy Ford (Morgan Freeman) knew from the getgo that the Motaba virus had the potential of being made into a biological weapon, since they were the ones who recovered it when it first appeared 30 years earlier. They ordered that the encampment be bombed as they flew away in their helicopter. Under McClintock's plan, it was their goal to obtain a sample of the virus and then wipe it out completely so that no one but the U.S. Army had control of it.
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