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Pacific Rim

132 min
Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
Nominated for BAFTA Film Award. Another 7 wins & 30 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2013-07-12
Filming Locations: Pinewood Toronto Studios, Port Lands, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Budget: $190,000,000
Opening Weekend: $37,285,325 (USA) (14 July 2013)
Gross: $101,785,482 (USA) (13 October 2013)
Clifton Collins Jr.
Clifton Collins Jr.
Pacific Rim
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam
Pacific Rim
Rinko Kikuchi
Rinko Kikuchi
Pacific Rim
Burn Gorman
Burn Gorman
Pacific Rim
Robert Kazinsky
Robert Kazinsky
Pacific Rim
Diego Klattenhoff
Yancy Becket
Idris Elba
Stacker Pentecost
Charlie Day
Dr. Newton Geiszler
Max Martini
Herc Hansen
Ron Perlman
Hannibal Chau
Brad William Henke
Construction Foreman
Larry Joe Campbell
Construction Worker
Mana Ashida
Young Mako
Santiago Segura
Wizened Man
Joe Pingue
Captain Merrit
Milton Barnes
Brian Frank
1st Officer
Ellen McLain
Gipsy Danger AI (voice)
David Fox
Old Man on Beach
Jake Goodman
Robin Thomas Grossman
American UN Representative (as Robin Thomas)
Julian Barnes
British UN Representative
David Richmond-Peck
Canadian UN Representative (as David Richmond Peck)
Charles Luu
Wei Tang Triplet
Lance Luu
Wei Tang Triplet
Mark Luu
Wei Tang Triplet
Robert Maillet
Lt. S. Kaidanovsky
Heather Doerksen
Lt. A. Kaidanovsky
Joshua Peace
Officer (as Josh Peace)
Sebastian Pigott
Victoria Marie
Chinese Girl in Anti-Kaiju Refuge
Roger Wong
Man in Anti-Kaiju Refuge
J.C. Kenny
TV Reporter (as JC Kenny)
Jane Watson
Raleigh and Yancy's Mom
Robert Morse
Raleigh and Yancy's Dad
Paul Michael Wyers
Young Raleigh
Tyler Stevenson
Young Yancy
Mike Chute
Saltchuck Crew
Duncan McLeod
Saltchuck Crew
Louis Paquette
Saltchuck Crew
Matthew G. Taylor
Saltchuck Crew
Terry Belleville
UN Representative
Frank Nakashima
UN Representative
Farzad Sadrian
UN Representative
Mishu Vellani
UN Representative
Clive Walton
UN Representative
Peter Kosaka
Young Mako's Father
Yiren Stark
Young Mako's Mother
Hubert Tran
Asian Boy
Trek Buccino
Young Newt
Drew Adkins
Young Gottlieb
Kelvin Lum
Hannibal Chau Thug
Soo David Chum Ling
Hannibal Chau Thug
Randy Lee
Hannibal Chau Thug
Jung-Yul Kim
Hannibal Chau Thug
Kaelyn Wong
Hannibal Chau Thug
Mark Baldesarra
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Jason Bigio
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Jimmy Chimarios
Marine (uncredited)
Daniella Evangelista
Cadet (uncredited)
Timothy Gibbs
Marine (uncredited)
Derek Herd
Construction Worker (uncredited)
Phi Huynh
Mechanic (uncredited)
Matthew William Jones
Cadet #4 (uncredited)
Mike Jutan
Helipad worker (uncredited)
Justin Major
Marine (uncredited)
Sunil Narkar
Journalist (uncredited)
Eoin O'Brien
Jaeger Test Pilot (uncredited)
Don Shirey
News Anchor (uncredited)
Cindy Sit
Mechanic (uncredited)
Bonnie Siu
Locen Tech (uncredited)
Alan Tang
Cadet #2 (uncredited)
Toni Torres
Rosie (uncredited)
Joe Vercillo
Marine (uncredited)
Neil Whitely
UN Representative (uncredited)
Clara Wong
Alien Model (uncredited)
Emerson Wong
Cadet #3 (uncredited)
William S. Wong
Engineer (uncredited)
Did you know?
The first Guillermo del Toro film to feature Ron Perlman as a human character since Cronos (1993).
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Screenwriter Travis Beacham also wrote the graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero. Released along with the movie, Tales from Year Zero serves as a prologue to the film and is set twelve years before its events.
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Gipsy Danger is painted and detailed to resemble a World War II fighter plane. There is nose art on its chest.
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When Newton is preparing for his first drift with the kaiju brain, he places the headpiece on his head. In the next shot, the collar of the headpiece has fastened around his neck without him touching it.
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As the Jaeger falls after the Hong Kong Kaiju battle, it begins to burn up/glow due to re-entry heat. In the movie, they say the Jaeger starts at 50,000 feet. While it is correct that you start to see the sky as black not blue around 60K', to "burn" on re-entry you need both potential energy (from height) and kinetic energy (rotational speed or "orbiting speed", a measure of how fast you'd be moving compared to the ground below). As the Jaeger was geosynchronous (still) above the planet, it would have a kinetic speed of 0, and would not heat on reentry, especially not from 50K'.
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The F-22A Raptor fighter jet is depicted as having twin cannons flanking the cockpit. The actual F-22A has a single M61A2 20mm Vulcan cannon on the right side of the aircraft.
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Gottlieb: Marshal! Marshal! I need to talk to you.
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Raleigh Becket: [narrating] When I was a kid, whenever I'd feel small or lonely, I'd look up at the stars. Wondered if there was life up there. Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction. When alien life entered our world, it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. A fissure between two tectonic plates. A portal between dimensions. The Breach. I was fifteen when the first Kaiju made land in San Francisco.
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Raleigh Becket: This is worth fighting for. We don't have to just obey him.
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What exactly happens to Yancy? How does Raleigh survive when the Gipsy crashes on the beach?
It's slightly difficult to see what happens to Yancy when he's torn from the control module but it looks like the kaiju got hold of Yancy's pilot harness and yanked him out that way. From that point, Yancy was likely thrown aside or dropped by the kaiju or simply slid off the kaijus claw. If that had happened, he'd have fallen to his death in the water since a drop from that height is deadly, even on water. However, that is a convention in big-budget movies that is often cheated -- the last James Bond movie Skyfall is a good example. But, for the purposes of the story here, Yancy is most likely dead. Raleigh was able to survive the crash landing because he was still attached to his control harness.
Was Pacific Rim shot in 3D or converted?
Pacific Rim's live-action elements were shot in 2D and converted, but the extensive CGI shots (including essentially all of the Jaeger v. Kaiju action) were rendered in native 3D and thus were not converted.
What was that energy blast that the fatty kaiju did?
It was an electromagnetic pulse designed to short out and disable electronics. It's an occurrence that precedes the detonation of a large-scale nuclear weapon -- the pulse is emitted moments before the detonation & disrupts anything with an electrical or electronic operating system.
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Clifton Collins Jr. Charlie Hunnam Rinko Kikuchi Burn Gorman Robert Kazinsky