Phantom Lady
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Phantom Lady

87 min
Crime | Drama | Film-Noir | Mystery
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Robert Siodmak
Country: USA
Release Date: 1944-01-28
Ella Raines
Ella Raines
Phantom Lady
Franchot Tone
Jack Marlow
Alan Curtis
Scott Henderson
Aurora Miranda
Estela Monteiro
Thomas Gomez
Inspector Burgess
Fay Helm
Ann Terry
Elisha Cook Jr.
Andrew Tombes
Regis Toomey
Detective Chewing Gum
Joseph Crehan
Detective Tom
Doris Lloyd
Virginia Brissac
Dr. Chase
Milburn Stone
District Attorney
Robert Bain
Guitarist (uncredited)
Joan Bayley
Dancer (uncredited)
John Berkes
Man with Poodle (uncredited)
Barney Bigard
Jive Club Clarinetist (uncredited)
Iris Bocignon
Dancer (uncredited)
James Carlisle
Theatre Patron (uncredited)
Dave Coleman
Drummer (uncredited)
Harry Cording
Courtroom Spectator Next to Carol (uncredited)
Hella Crossley
Girl in Tag Sequence (uncredited)
Roy Darmour
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Georgia Davis
Girl (uncredited)
Cyril Delevanti
Claude (uncredited)
Ralph Dunn
Worker (uncredited)
Alice Fleming
Apple Annie (uncredited)
Ann Fredrick
Brunette (uncredited)
Russell Gaige
Desk Clerk (uncredited)
Roger Hanson
Jive Club Trumpeter (uncredited)
Theresa Harris
Monteiro's Maid at Casino (uncredited)
Eddie Hart
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Henry Hebert
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Samuel S. Hinds
Judge (voice) (uncredited)
Victoria Horne
Miss Payton (uncredited)
Dorothy Jarnac
Dancer (uncredited)
Gwen Kenyon
Girl in Tag Sequence (uncredited)
Joe Kirk
Sanders - Stage Manager
Bella Lewitzky
Dancer (uncredited)
Adolf E. Licho
Max - Proprietor (uncredited)
Matt McHugh
Al Alp - Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Theatre Patron (uncredited)
Dole Nicolls
Jive Club Trombonist (uncredited)
Jay Novello
Anselmo (uncredited)
Broderick O'Farrell
Bar Customer (uncredited)
Curtis Railing
Mrs. Witherspoon (uncredited)
Lillian Randolph
Woman at Train Platform (uncredited)
Charles Regan
Court Guard (uncredited)
Cyril Ring
Barfly with Racing Form (uncredited)
Beatrice Roberts
Monteiro's Secretary (uncredited)
Howard Rumsey
Jive Club Bass Player (uncredited)
Freddie Slack
Jive Club Pianist (uncredited)
Walter Soderling
Ticket Agent (uncredited)
Gisela Werbisek
Mama Rosette (uncredited)
Norman Willis
Worker (uncredited)
Douglas Wood
Show Backer (uncredited)
Maris Wrixon
Blonde (uncredited)
Did you know?
Although Franchot Tone is given top billing in this film, he does not appear for the first 45 minutes.
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After the film's release, Jacques Press and Eddie Cherkose sued Universal for $20,000 for not getting on-screen credit for their song "Chick-ee-Chick."
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In the courtroom scene we see the pen of a court reporter transcribing the trial in shorthand. The date under the criminal court letterhead is August 6, 1943. This may be coincidental or an inside reference to the birthday of Ella Raines, August 6, 1920.
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During the theatre visit, near the beginning of the film (c.5 minutes), we hear a loud and isolated cymbal crash but the percussionist/kit player does not move at all at this point. It is inconceivable that a pit orchestra would employ a second percussion player and the plot-reason for this isolated cymbal crash is clearly that the drummer (Cliff) is distracted by the "Phantom Lady" in the audience.
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When the bartender goes home after the saloon closes for the night, the New York streets are deserted and the subway platform is virtually empty, exactly as you'd expect for such an early hour of the morning. Yet despite when he is struck by a car upon arriving home soon afterward, the sidewalk outside his apartment is filled with at least a dozen people standing around chatting, sitting on the stoops, etc. - none of them in pajamas or nightclothes. (In fact, in the days before air conditioning, on a hot summer's night, the stoops of apartment buildings would be crowded with residents who couldn't sleep because of the heat and grabbed a breath of cool morning air while being social. Only New Yorkers over the age of 60 would know this.)
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Near the end of the prison visit (after nearly 50 minutes of the film) Carol clearly mouths several words but her voice is not heard.
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Mac: Yes, Miss?
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Scott Henderson: [Carol 'Kansas' Richman listens to a message left on a Dictaphone machine] Hello, Kansas. Renew my membership in the Architects and Engineers Association, and call Mason Follett, the contractors, and make an appointment with them for tomorrow morning.
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Ann Terry: [to bartender] Give me a nickel, please.
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