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112 min
Comedy | Music | Romance
IMDB rate:
Jason Moore
6 wins & 18 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-10-05
Filming Locations: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Budget: $17,000,000
Opening Weekend: $5,149,433 (USA) (30 September 2012)
Gross: $64,998,368 (USA) (10 February 2013)
Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks
Pitch Perfect
Anna Kendrick
Pitch Perfect
Brittany Snow
Brittany Snow
Pitch Perfect
Freddie Stroma
Freddie Stroma
Pitch Perfect
Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson
Pitch Perfect
Adam DeVine
Adam DeVine
Pitch Perfect
Alexis Knapp
Alexis Knapp
Pitch Perfect
Ben Platt
Ben Platt
Pitch Perfect
Skylar Astin
Anna Camp
Ester Dean
Cynthia-Rose Adams
Hana Mae Lee
Lilly Okanakamura
Kelley Jakle
Wanetah Walmsley
Shelley Regner
Caroline Fourmy
Mary Elise
Nicole Lovince
Utkarsh Ambudkar
David Del Rio
John Michael Higgins
John Smith
John Benjamin Hickey
Dr. Mitchell
Jinhee Joung
Jacob Wysocki
Jawan Harris
Richard Kohnke
Football Player - ATO
Brock Kelly
Howie - ATO
Drew Battles
Emcee at Regionals
Katrina Despain
UMass Greeter
Cameron Deane Stewart
Tom (as Cameron Stewart)
Kether Donohue
Karen Gonzalez
Lauren Gros
RIAC Representative #1
Alex Biglane
RIAC Representative #2
Michael Alexander
Jewish Student
Tyler Forrest
High Note #1
Joe Lo Truglio
Clef #1
Har Mar Superstar
Clef #2
Jason Jones
Clef #3
Donald Faison
Clef #4
Jabari Thomas
Emcee - Opening
Judd Lormand
Emcee at Semi-Finals
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Steven Bailey
Treble #1
Michael Anaya
Treble #2
Jesse Jennings
Brian Silver
Treble #4
Wes Lagarde
Treble #5
Jonathan Brannan
Opening Treble #1
Donald Watkins
Opening Treble #2
Jessica Jain
High Note #2
Nate Howard
High Note #7
Ben Haist
BU Harmonics #1
Rose Davis
BU Harmonics #2
Chiara Pittman
BU Harmonics #3
Emilia Graves
BU Harmonics #4
Emily Rodriguez
BU Harmonics #5
Sawyer McLeod
BU Harmonics #6
Chase Cooksey
BU Harmonics #7
Adam Gilbert
BU Harmonics #8
Megan Dupre
Opening Bellas #1
Monika Guiberteau
Opening Bella #3
Jessica Poumaroux
Opening Bellas #4
Jackie Tuttle
Opening Bellas #5
Elizabeth Chance
Opening Bellas #6
Margo Melancon
Opening Bellas #7
Brooke Fontenot
Opening Bellas #8
Maya Estephanos
Sockapella #1
Brian Mason
Sockapella #2
Xavier Joe Wilcher
Sockapella #3
Esther Long
Sockapella #5
Aakomon Jones
Sockapella #6
Sora Connor
Footnote #2
Elise Wilson
Footnote #3
Sean Bankhead
Footnote #4
C.J. Perry
Footnote #5
Matthew Laraway
Footnote #6
Madison Benson
Footnote #7
Kenneth Tipton
Footnote #8
Jeremy Strong
Footnote #9
Dylan Cheek
Footnote #10
Naeemah McCowan
Footnote #11
Allison Sahonic
Footnote #12
Codie L. Wiggins
Footnote #13
Kelly Snow
Hullabahoo #1
Nathan Swedberg
Hullabahoo #2
Matthew Savarese
Hullabahoo #3
Sanford Williams
Hullabahoo #4
Charles Miller
Hullabahoo #5
Brandon Borror-Chappel
Hullabahoo #6
Sean McDonald
Hullabahoo #7
Nicholas Cafero
Hullabahoo #8
Alexander Fabian
Hullabahoo #9
Paul Ruess
Hullabahoo #10
Andrew O'Shanick
Hullabahoo #11
Samuel Brennan
Hullabahoo #12
Thaddeus John Potter
Hullabahoo #13 (as Thaddeus Potter)
Jacob Mainwaring
Hullabahoo #14
Alexander Sneider
Hullabahoo #15
William Laverack
Hullabahoo #16
Renaldo McClinton
Rapper #1
Richard Coleman
ND Auditioner #1
Margaret Osburn
ND Auditioner #2
Dan Iwrey
ND Auditioner #3
Ali Bloomston
ND Auditioner #4
Shawn Barry
ND Auditioner #5
Alexandra Weinroth
ND Auditioner #6
Ciera Dawn Washington
ND Auditioner #7
Felipe Fuentes
ND Auditioner #9
Glenn Aucoin
Deke Sharon
Male Voice #1
Ed Boyer
Male Voice #2
Brandon Kitchel
Male Voice #3
Jasper Randall
Male Voice #4
Drew Seeley
Male Voice #5
Jeff Lewis
Male Voice #6
Laura Dickinson
Female Voice #1
Candice Leigh Helfand
Female Voice #2 (as Candice Helfand)
Windy Wagner
Female Voice #3
Jessica Rotter
Female Voice #4
Kari Kimmel
Female Voice #5
Kala Blach
Female Voice #6
Emily Benford
Female Voice #7
John L. Armijo
Officer Espinoza (uncredited)
Kristen Beevers
Treblemaker's Fan (uncredited)
Andrew Breland
Panhellenic Council (uncredited)
Christine Brillon
Herself (uncredited)
Jacob Coco
Do No Harmony (uncredited)
Jordon Michael Corbin
Audience Member (uncredited)
Genna Guidry
Minstrel Cycle #2 (uncredited)
Emily D. Haley
Audition Member (uncredited)
Gene Kevin Hames Jr.
Concert Goer
Eric Hennig
Glissando #2 (uncredited)
Ivan Hoey Jr.
Nerd (uncredited)
Madison Holcomb
Lone Arranger #1 (uncredited)
Meredith Jackson
Bumper's Girl in Audience (uncredited)
Jaci LeJeune
Glissando Girl 1
Katie Lemelin
Auditioner (uncredited)
Brie Lybrand
Minstrel Cycle #1 (uncredited)
Madison Nak
Student (uncredited)
Austin Naulty
Frat Boy 1 (uncredited)
Jeffery Nowell
Audience Member (uncredited)
Erinn O'Sullivan
Glissando Girl (uncredited)
Jay Oliver
Audience Member (uncredited)
Gustavo I. Ortiz
Young Dad (uncredited)
Michael L. Parker
Fat Amy's Pool Guy
Andrew Plaisance
Frat Guy (uncredited)
Catherine Kim Poon
Liz Lan's Friend (uncredited)
Breon Pugh
Buzz Note (uncredited)
Phillip Rao
Beautiful Male (uncredited)
James Rawlings
Gay Dad (uncredited)
Johnny Santiago
Judge (uncredited)
Terry Lee Smith
Audience Member (uncredited)
Jordan Sudduth
High Note #6 (uncredited)
Jaime Wallace
Trebel Fan (uncredited)
Glen Warner
Championship Supporter (uncredited)
David Michael Warren
Party Goer (uncredited)
Georgia Williams
Glissando Captain #1 (uncredited)
Timothy Wyant
Judge (uncredited)
Did you know?
References to Chris Rock and the E! television network were stricken from the French subtitles, probably due to their lack of notoriety among French audiences.
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While in the movie Anna Kendrick (Beca) and Skylar Astin (Jesse) are linked romantically, in real life Skylar Astin is in a relationship with Anna Camp (Aubrey).
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When Beca enters the radio station for the first time, the station's frequency is written on the outside window (85.7) but DJ Luke's voice is heard in the background saying the frequency is 95.7 (.."music for the independent mind".)
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When Aubrey is telling Becca she needs to take out her ear monstrosities Becca's hair goes from being loose by her face to tucked behind her ear several times
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When the guys come in to announce there's no one left to audition, Aubrey and Chloe have no one sitting behind them. The shot changes and there are 2 people sitting behind them. When Beca enters, those people disappear again.
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Twice we see the sign on the door of the radio station showing 85.7 FM while we hear it advertised as 95.7 FM. (Also, frequencies below 87.5 FM are not used in the United States.) Also, radio stations based at educational institutions in the United States are based between 87.5 and 91.5 FM.
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Fat Amy: Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that's what matters.
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Aubrey: And I solemnly promise to never have sexual relations with a Treblemaker, or may my vocal cords be ripped out by wolves.
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John: Women are about as good at a cappella as they are at being doctors.
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Elizabeth Banks Brittany Snow Scott Shilstone Freddie Stroma Rebel Wilson Adam DeVine Julia Friedman Alexis Knapp