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Planet Terror

105 min (international version) | 91 min (original release)
Action | Horror
IMDB rate:
Robert Rodriguez
2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-06-21
Filming Locations: Austin, Texas, USA
Opening Weekend: £80,894 (UK) (11 November 2007)
Gross: £80,894 (UK) (11 November 2007)
Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo
Planet Terror
Michael Parks
Michael Parks
Planet Terror
Rose McGowan
Cherry Darling
Freddy Rodríguez
Josh Brolin
Dr. William Block
Marley Shelton
Dr. Dakota Block
Jeff Fahey
Michael Biehn
Sheriff Hague
Rebel Rodriguez
Tony Block
Bruce Willis
Lt. Muldoon
Naveen Andrews
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Nicky Katt
Hung Nguyen
Dr. Crane
Cecilia Conti
Paramedic Cecil
Tommy Nix
Paramedic Nixer
Tom Savini
Deputy Tolo
Carlos Gallardo
Deputy Carlos
Skip Reissig
Electra Avellan
Babysitter Twin #1
Elise Avellan
Babysitter Twin #2
Quentin Tarantino
Rapist #1 / Zombie Eating Road Kill
Gregory Kelly
Rapist #2 (as Greg Kelly)
Troy Robinson
Soldier #1
Derek Southers
Soldier #2
Jason Douglas
Lewis (credit only)
Jerili Romeo
Ramona McGraw
Felix Sabates
Dr. Felix
Doran Ingram
Patient (as Doran Ingrham)
Johnny Reno
Sax Survivor
Cheech Marin
Corey Burton
Additional Narrator (voice)
Cathy Baron
Hot Pedestrian (uncredited)
Zoë Bell
Sicko Eating Paramedic #2 (uncredited)
Israel Bocanegra
Lead Henchman (uncredited)
Leroy Castanon
Sicko (uncredited)
D.J. Castillo
Sicko (uncredited)
Jake Garber
Gas Pump Sicko (uncredited)
Beau Harris
Soldier (uncredited)
Mark A. Hernandez
Screaming Henchman (uncredited)
Samantha Inoue Harte
Infected Girl (uncredited)
Max Kruemcke
Sicko trying to eat dead kid (uncredited)
Andrea Lee
Sicko (uncredited)
Malosi Leonard
Sicko Burn Victim (uncredited)
John McLean
Sicko Coach (uncredited)
John D. Montoya
Survivor (uncredited)
Carlos Pina
Zombie (uncredited)
Dana Reed
Sicko / Soldier (uncredited)
Emmy Robbin
Hot Female Deputy (uncredited)
Robert Rodriguez
One of Abby's Henchmen (uncredited)
Christine Rose
Sicko (uncredited)
Ava Santana-Cassano
Sicko (uncredited)
Heath Young
Sicko (uncredited)
Did you know?
When asked about the ending, Robert Rodriguez said "I consider it an anti- Army of Darkness (1992) like ending. In 'Army of Darkness', Ash is returned to normal suburbia and battles the Undead. In my film, Planet Terror (2007), the characters are taken out of suburbia and now battle the undead in a more barren landscape."
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The appearance of Bruce Willis in a minor role is a subtle nod to an old marketing trick often employed by Grindhouse makers. They would contract a big-name movie star to appear in their movie for one day, for a few frontal shots only, while the rest of the scenes were done with a double filmed from the back. A picture of the big star would then be placed prominently on the movie's poster in order to boost sales. (Example: Bruce Willis character of Lt. Muldoon is never in the same frame with the other lead and supporting actors indicating that all of his scenes were filmed separately.)
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The main character's name is El Wray. In Robert Rodriguez's earlier movie, From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), Seth Gecko is trying to get to a place called El Ray.
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In the hospital scene where Wray is searching for Cherry, he finds her by seeing her right boot next to her hospital bed. The infected tore off and took her right leg along the roadside, the leather boot was still on it.
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When El Wray is going to Cherry's hospital room after the outbreak, the fire on the walls are all fire-bars emitting the flames on the bottom.
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When Dakota Block is trying to start her car by using her mouth to insert the key into the ignition, the reflection in the metal ignition shows a hand holding the key, not a mouth.
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Tony Block: [while playing with toys] I'm gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge.
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Sheriff Hague: [to Deputy Tolo] Dumbass!
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Sheriff Hague: Where the hell are you going?
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Does the missing reel appear on the "Extended and Unrated" DVD?
The reel was never filmed in the first place and does not exist. Rodriguez stated that he didn't even want to know what would happen in that reel. In interviews about the film(s), Tarantino & Rodriguez said that missing reels were fairly common in grindhouse theatres of the 1970s, that somehow the reel was either lost or was never shipped in the first place. It's a nostalgic touch by the two.
What song plays on the radio when The Rapist forces Cherry to dance?
"Too Drunk to Fuck" written by the Dead Kennedys, performed by Nouvelle Vague.
Why is Tony Block shown playing on the beach after the end credits?
Robert Rodriguez was on the fence about whether or not Tony Block should live. He decided to kill him off and had his character accidentally shoot himself in the head. However, since Tony was played by Rebel Rodriguez (Robert's son), he didn't want to traumatize him and give him nightmares about dying in the movie. While filming the scene where Tony grabs the pistol from the glove box, he actually grabbed a water pistol and it was changed in post-production via CGI to look like a real gun. All of the shots of Tony's corpse were of a dummy, and Rebel never saw it. Rodriguez filmed a bunch of alternate footage of Tony surviving.Instead of shooting himself in the head, Tony runs out of the car and joins Dakota while she goes inside Earl McGraw's house. Then he's featured in a bunch of scenes with Dakota in the background, and he runs around with her on the army base at the end. This is the reason why Dakota runs off to the second helicopter - to ensure a seat for Tony. However, since Tony was killed off, there's no practical reason why Dakota runs off to the second helicopter in the final version.In addition to the alternate footage of Tony living, Rodriguez also shot some footage of Tony playing with his pets in the sand on the beach at the end (this is the scene after the end credits). Rodriguez used all of the alternate footage to make a special cut of the movie just for his son, so that Tony lives. Rebel still supposedly doesn't know that he dies in the finished movie.
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