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Drama | War
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Oliver Stone
Won 4 Oscars. Another 22 wins & 10 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1987-02-06
Filming Locations: Philippines
Budget: $6,000,000
Opening Weekend: $241,080 (USA) (21 December 1986)
Gross: $138,530,565 (USA)£4,653,069 (UK)
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
Keith David
Willem Dafoe
Sgt. Elias
Forest Whitaker
Big Harold
Francesco Quinn
Kevin Dillon
John C. McGinley
Sgt. O'Neill
Reggie Johnson
Mark Moses
Lt. Wolfe
Corey Glover
Johnny Depp
Chris Pedersen
Bob Orwig
Corkey Ford
David Neidorf
Charlie Sheen
Richard Edson
Tony Todd
Kevin Eshelman
James Terry McIlvain
J. Adam Glover
Ivan Kane
Paul Sanchez
Dale Dye
Captain Harris
Peter Hicks
Basile Achara
Steve Barredo
Fu Sheng
Chris Castillejo
Andrew B. Clark
Bernardo Manalili
Village Chief
Than Rogers
Village Chief's Wife
Li Thi Van
Village Chief's Daughter
Clarisa Ortacio
Old Woman
Romy Sevilla
One-Legged Man
Mathew Westfall
Terrified Soldier
Nick Nicholson
Mechanized Soldier #1 (as Nick Nickelson)
Warren McLean
Mechanized Soldier #2
Li Mai Thao
Rape Victim
Ron Barracks
H. Gordon Boos
Soldier with Mohawk Haircut (uncredited)
Brad Cassini
Soldier (uncredited)
Mark Ebenhoch
Ebenhoch (uncredited)
Robert 'Rock' Galotti
Huffmeister (uncredited)
Eric Hahn
Soldier (uncredited)
Oliver Stone
Alpha Company Major in Bunker
Henry Strzalkowski
Bit Part (uncredited)
Did you know?
Several of the actors wrote messages on their helmets worn throughout the movie. Charlie Sheen's helmet reads, "When I die, bury me upside-down, so the world can kiss my ass", while Johnny Depp's simply reads, "Sherilyn", a tribute to Sherilyn Fenn, whom Depp was dating at the time. Mark Moses (Lt. Wolfe) had on his helmet a drawing of MAD magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman with the phrase "What, me worry?" and, according to Tom Berenger, this caused Oliver Stone to laugh hysterically once during filming.
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The movie poster depicting Elias with his hands in the air, is a recreation of a 1968 photograph by Art Greenspon. This photograph was recognized as the 13th greatest military photograph in a Sept 2000 issue of the Army/Navy/AF Time.
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At one point Junior and several other black soldiers are talking about the situation in the platoon. Sgt. Warren remarks that they should trust Barnes, while Junior retorts that Warren's ideas of a good leader may be contaminated by the 'shit' he 'shoots up'. This is a reference to Sgt. Warren's addiction to morphine, which was left ambiguous in the final movie.
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Taylor arrives in Vietnam wearing the unit insignia of the 25th Infantry Division. Low-ranking enlisted infantry replacements did not arrive in Vietnam with unit assignments, or insignia, but were assigned to line units as required.
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At one point, a character is warned not to drink from a river because he might get malaria. While drinking the water could cause any number of diseases, malaria is not one of them, as it can only be transmitted by insect bite.
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In the opening credits, the military technical advisor Captain Dale Dye is mistakenly credited as belonging to the US Marine "Corp." instead of "Corps". The "US Marine Corps" is a military organization, not a corporation.
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Sgt. Barnes: Talking about killing? Y'all experts? Y'all know about killing? I'd like to hear about it, potheads.
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Bunny: [to Private Taylor] Fucking pussy, man. He's laughing at you. That's the way the gook laughs.
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Chris Taylor: The village, which had stood for maybe 1,000 years, didn't know we were coming that day. If they had, they would have run. Barnes was at the eye of our rage. And through him, our Captain Ahab. He would set things right again. That day, we loved him.
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Excluding the WIA's, who is left behind to fight from the platoon?
Rhah and O'Neill are the only prominent characters left, as neither got so much of a scratch in the final battle. They are both promoted, Rhah is given Elias' position, and O'Neill is given Barnes' position much to his chagrin. Therefore they would probably have to break in new recruits, until the WIA's were fit for duty again.
Is "Platoon" based on a book?
Platoon is based on a screenplay by director Oliver Stone. That screenplay was actually based on Stone's earlier screenplay, Break, a semi-autobiographical account of his experiences and people he knew in Vietnam. Platoon won the 1987 Academy Award for Best Motion Picture.
What happened to the men of the platoon?
Night Ambush:Pvt Tex (WIA) Has hand blown off by Sgt. O'Neil's grenade. M60.Pvt Gardner (KIA) Killed by NVA soldier.NVA Bunker:Pvt Sal (KIA) Killed by booby trap.Pvt Sanderson (KIA) Killed by booby trap, staggers around with no arms before dropping dead. M79. Specialist 4th Class.Pvt Manny (KIA) Abducted by NVA and found strung up with throat slit.Church Ambush:Pvt Lerner (WIA) Wounded while walking point (the front of the line while the platoon was patrolling the forest), seen stretchered after church battle. Platoon Translator. There is a lot of speculation whether he lives or dies, confused even more by the fact Depp mentions Lerner dies in a documentary about this movie. The last we see of him he is alive and in critical condition being placed aboard a Huey. Specialist 4th class.SGT. Warren (WIA) Wounded behind Learner, seen being choppered out after church battle. 2nd Squad (Bravo) squad leader.Pvt Flash (KIA) Killed by NVA soldier, seen lying dead next to Sgt. Warren when Lerner is being worked on by the Doc. Black guy seen combing hair in night ambush.Pvt Moorhouse (KIA) Killed by short round, while using M60. Seen being carried away at end of battle. Seen trying to rape a girl in village scene. Originally uses M16 later inherits Tex's M60.Pvt Fu Sheng (KIA) Killed by a short round. One of the dead under ponchos at battle's end, seen carried to chopper at end. Hawaiian kid, seen lighting building in village scene. Sgt. O'Neil's RTO.Pvt Big Harold (WIA) Has leg blown off by booby trap.Crawford (WIA) Surfer dude. Shot in the lung by NVA soldier. Specialist 4th class. Sgt. Elias's RTO.Pvt Ace (WIA) Gets shrapnel wound from short round, Barnes digs it out of him. Lt. Wolfe's RTO.SGT. Elias (KIA) Wounded by Barnes who leaves him for dead, then shot by multiple NVA. Car-15. 1st Squad (Alpha) Squad Leader. Sergeant.Pvt Tubbs (KIA) Killed by NVA soldier, in the church battle, we don't see this on screen. He is one of the four dead bodies under ponchos. He's the guy with the M79 who brings the village elder to Barnes to interrogate. M79.Final Battle:Pvt King (Survives) His tour of duty ends just before the battle. M60 (Uses an M16 in the night ambush scene).Pvt Bunny (KIA) Killed in bunker by NVA soldier blowing his brains out. Remington 870 shotgun.Pvt Junior (KIA) Tries to run knocks himself out against a tree, then is bayoneted by NVA soldier.Pvt Parker (KIA) Dragged into CP bunker by Doc, who confirms he is dead. He is also seen sitting next to the guy (Tubbs) who's throwing a knife into the ground, just before scene where Barnes, O'Neil and others are playing cards.Pvt Tony (WIA) Shot while defending CP bunker, then seen waving to Taylor at end. SSG. Barnes RTO.Doc (KIA) Also shot while defending CP bunker, he is still rolling around after being shot but would appear to have died from his wounds as he is not seen at the end with the other survivors (this is also the case in the script). Platoon's medic.LT. Wolfe (KIA) Killed while defending CP bunker, in this very dark scene you see him shot or hit by shrapnel in the face, he staggers around covering his face and then is shot multiple times. Car-15. 2nd Lieutenant (Platoon Leader).SSG. Barnes (KIA) Killed by Taylor. Car-15. Staff Sergeant (Platoon sergeant).Ebonhoch (Survives) Seen in foxhole with Rhah just before battle, then seen waving at the end with Tony. He is played by an Assistant Technical Adviser Mark Ebonhoch. Platoon's demolition expert. Sgt. Warren's RTO.SGT. O'Neil (Survives) 3rd Squad (Charlie) Squad Leader. Sergeant. Promoted to Staff Sergeant (Platoon Sergeant) at end of film.Pvt Rhah (Survives) Given command of Elias's squad and seen waving at film end. Promoted to 1st Squad's Sergeant at end of film.Pvt Huffmeister (Survives) Seen standing behind O'Neil when he is given command of the platoon. Dale Dye says in his commentary that Huffmeister is played by an Assistant Technical Advisor called Robert Galotti, he is the guy who rolls down the hill in the opening credits and also chucks a grenade down the well in the village scene.Pvt Francis (WIA) Stabs himself in the leg to get second Purple Heart and thus get sent home, along with Taylor.Pvt Rodriguez (WIA) On chopper with Francis at end of film. Hispanic kid seen praying when Wolfe goes into bunker where Barnes and others are playing poker. Originally uses M16, inherits King's M60 (but we don't see him using it, O'Neil mentions to King to give it to him before he leaves).Pvt Taylor (WIA) Seen leaving on a chopper with Rodriguez at the end of the film.Finally he isn't part of the platoon but for completeness:CPT. Harris (Survives) He's seen briefly at the beginning when on patrol with the platoon but most of his onscreen time comes in the final attack. He was also the Technical Advisor for the film. The black soldier behind him is Flash, the guy in the foreground is Bunny. Captain.
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