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Police Academy: The Series

60 min (including commercials) (26 episodes)
Comedy | Crime
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Country: USA
Matthew Borlenghi
Rich Casey
Rod Crawford
Sgt. Rusty Ledbetter
Toby Proctor
Dirk Tackleberry
Jeremiah Birkett
Dean Tackleberry
Heather Campbell
Annie Medford
Christine Gonzales
Alice Cervantes
Tony Longo
Luke Kackley
P.J. Ochlan
Lester Shane
Joe Flaherty
Cmdt. Stuart Hefilfinger
Michael Winslow
Sgt. Larvelle Jones
Larke Miller
Kendall Jackson
Did you know?
The building where the cadets reside is called the "Lassard Dormitories", named after Eric Lassard, the Academy's commandant from the series of movies.
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Although Michael Winslow had a recurring role on the series as Sgt. Jones, there were also other familiar faces from the Police Academy movies making guest appearances from time to time. The series guest stars included: Bubba Smith as Moses Hightower, who had earned the rank of Captain.David Graf as Captain Eugene Tackleberry, who had two nephews in the Academy.Leslie Easterbrook as Debbie Callahan, who was now a District Attorney.George Gaynes as Eric Lassard, who was now retired and touring dark jungles.George R. Robertson as Henry Hurst, who now had a devil-horned hairstyle.Tim Kazurinsky (Carl Sweetchuck) as the Academy's janitor.Art Metrano as Ernie Meiser (not Mauser).
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The location used as the Academy campus was known as the Provincial Lunatic Asylum (later known as Woodlands), operating from 1878 until 1996. "Police Academy: The Series" was one of the first productions to film at Woodlands after the asylum's closure. Several crew members believe the buildings were haunted, noting strange occurrences while on location. In July 2008, the entire Woodlands compound was destroyed by a massive fire that some believe was deliberately lit.
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