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Post Grad

USA:88 min | Argentina:88 min | USA:88 min (approx)
Comedy | Romance
IMDB rate:
Vicky Jenson
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-08-21
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $15,000,000
Gross: $6,373,693 (USA) (4 October 2009)
Alexis Bledel
Ryden Malby
Zach Gilford
Adam Davies
Jane Lynch
Carmella Malby
Bobby Coleman
Hunter Malby
Carol Burnett
Grandma Maureen
Rodrigo Santoro
David Santiago
Catherine Reitman
Jessica Bard
Mary Anne McGarry
Barbara Snaff
Robert Arce
Jeanie Hackett
Woman at Graduation
Oscar Dillon
Security Guard (as Oscar 'Big O' Dillon)
Vanessa Branch
Shirley Jordan
Craig Robinson
Funeral Director
Michael Grant Terry
College Grad
Melissa Tang
College Friend #1
Brandon Phillips
College Friend #2
Parisa Fitz-Henley
College Friend #3
Robert M. Koch
Gary the Buckle Man (as Robert Koch)
Fred Armisen
Guacanator Pitchman
Don Stroud
Manager at the Mint (as Donnie D. Stroud)
Alexandra Holden
Cute Funky Girl
Angel Oquendo
Police Officer
Desean Terry
Young Cop
Andrew Daly
Lloyd Hastings
Kirk Fox
Anna Khaja
Gino Woulard
Box Car Racer #1
Reid Harper
Box Car Racer #2
Samantha Epstein
Box Car Racer #3
Patrick O'Connor
Dempsey Pappion
Basketball Player
Basilina Butler
Graduation Parent (uncredited)
Jeremy Clark
Joe Schraeder (uncredited)
Waymond Lee
Commencement Grad / Guest (uncredited)
Demetri Martin
TV Commercial Producer (uncredited)
Ray Reinebach
Violinist (uncredited)
Lester G. Reynolds
Handcuffed Suspect (uncredited)
Mahryah Shain
Magazine Editor (uncredited)
Matthew Thane
Fisherman (uncredited)
Did you know?
Amanda Bynes was originally set to star.
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When Ryden is giving the bags to Jessica, after looking at the last bag, she storms out the store never really putting the bag back on the shelf.
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When the grandma is in the kitchen, she has a head manikin in front of her but when the camera switches off her to Ryden's mother and back to the grandmother, the manikin is now different and behind her.
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At the graduation, all the graduation caps have the year '08 on them, but the banner behind the valedictorian reads 2009.
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Adam Davies: Every evil, terrible thing that ever occurs in the world is directly offset, counterbalanced if you will, by the complete utter joy of biting into an Eskimo Pie. It's the way we maintain balance in the universe.
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David Santiago: [the entire family has walked in on Ryden on top of David with no shirt on, David and Ryden look up shocked] Fuck me.
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David Santiago: What you do with your life is, really just one half of the equation. The other half, the more important half, really is, who you're with when you're doing it.
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Is "Post Grad" based on a book?
No. Post Grad is based on a screenplay by Kelly Fremon.
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Photos from cast
Michael Keaton J.K. Simmons