Prime Risk
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Prime Risk

98 min
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Michael Farkas
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Culpeper, Virginia, USA
Toni Hudson
Julie Collins
Sam Bottoms
Bill Yeoman (as Samuel Bottoms)
Clu Gulager
Paul Minsky
Keenan Wynn
Dr. Lasser
Lois Hall
Dr. Holt
Rick Rakowski
John Lykes
James O'Connell
Terry Franklin
Randy Pearlman
Ed Harrington
Timothy Rice
Albert Fishburn
Roy Stuart
Mr. Fox
Helen Duffy
Mrs. Fox
Christopher Murphy
Tony Nelson
Caron Tate
Bank Teller
Cathey Paine
Mall Administrator
Art Scholl
Flight Instructor
Rick Warner
Flight Desk Attendent
Biff Yeager
Policeman #1
Tony Roque
Policeman #2
Dale Stein
EMC Receptionist
Bruce Elliott
Bank Assistant
Carol Bennett
Account's Secretary
Dick Valentine
Teller Line Customer
Carey Scott
Teller Line Kid
Bruce Myers
Parking Lot Teen
James Reed
Party Guest #1
Gary E. Barlough
Party Guest #2
Steve Belin
Spy Technician
Leigh Drake
Spy Security Officer
Dean Noble
Spy Pilot
Doug Roberts
Pilot on Taxiway
Erica Todd
FBI Receprionist
Dick Spangler
News Anchorman
Brown Cardwell
Field Reporter
Ron Lombard
TV Viewer
Tony Clay
Sweep Team Leader
Patricia McPherson
Federal Reserve Executive
Mark DeFrain
Federal Reserve Assistant
Greg McCullough
Gardener #1
David Seal
Gardener #2
Greg Robbins
Russian Spy (uncredited)
When Mr. Franklin enters room in F.B.I. headquarters, the boom microphone is clearly visible.
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Michael Fox: Okay, this seems pretty strange, but first one guy walks into this closet, then the *other* guy walks in, they close the door, and nobody comes out. Sounds pretty kinky if you ask me.
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Federal Reserve Executive: London, West Germany, France, all the European markets. Somehow the Saudis were also convinced...
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Julie Collins: I thought you said you knew how to fly.
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Photos from cast
Lee Montgomery Michael Willis